Why bother?


I took this photograph with insight to what lay behind. It had various dynamics. It has made me realise that a photograph jangles the memories. Involved in verbal inclusions? Angst in collectives.

So pinpoint. What is ‘Involved’ here in this photograph? Enquiry. Concern. Not coping. Head in hands disbelief. Seeking answers. Calming the one who we think suffers most….but is actually attention seeking. Indifference or deep in own thought patterns? People bouncing off each other. Telling others to Shush.

I took the photograph. Kept quiet and simply observed. There are situations out of your control. You focus upon them. But, realise you have no influence. Actually don’t want to influence anyway. Why bother? Because some situations are, once again, out of your control. If they are out of your control. Again. Why bother?

Yes, my words are intentionally cyclic. Because life can be repetitive. Deja vu. You haven’t the answers. Timing for repair……..too late, much too late, so the result…….Fail. Timing of seeking the answers after events?….Fails. Times of wondering what you did wrong not to intervene in the first place……Fails. No answers to satisfy your soul. So, why bother? Too much energy is spent in “Why bothering”. So….why bother? Live life without bothering. Go into self preservation and forget struggling. Enlighten the self. You’ve done nothing wrong. Others have created the initial question of “Why bother?”. Push the camera shutter button…….a moment in time, And forget? The image lives and results in visual enquiry. I remember again those moments and……..Bother no more?

No…….I still bother nonetheless. Why? Because, as the saying states:

“Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace”.

(Kimberly Jones).

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