New experiences of visual and olfactory nature.


Strange collective of happenings resulting in said title. In the fire pit? A collection of fragrant hollow candle wax, old crystals and resins and bamboo. Ate a veggie BBQ……with resulting wipe your hands clean with kitchen roll chucked into the fire pit. Inside the fire pit? A mix of already there’s. A bed of beech, apple, damson and pine log ash. Old collection of house fragrances tapped out from the metal melting pot containing a mix of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin resin and crystals which have melted into synergy. The BBQ had accompanying candle light. So…..Outside scents? The last of a wax scented candle of Cinnamon and Orange with it’s walls hollowed down. A couple of wooden/bamboo skewers from said BBQ sat upright in candle hollow. Collectively….all put into the old ashes of previous night burns. A couple of puffs on the pipe filled Clan baccy and the match put to this collective fire pit inherent of wax, crystal, resin and tissue sitting amongst said ashes. Result. Visual and olfactory bliss and sadness. Twenty minutes of the Baby Jesus gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh with added Benzoin burn accompanied  by Cinnamon and Orange burn. The air filled with odour. The eyes filled with fire dance. The memories filled with initial contentment. Result? Emotional turmoil. Started with startling olfactory relaxation. Smoke and odours to make the heart strings crack. Ended with startling visual reflection of haunting memory. Why? Because the two skewers sat there smoking like the Twin Towers tragedy. Startling imagery. Again to make the heart strings crack. Strange indeed is the unexpected.


  1. Well, that’s an interesting take on a barbecue! I could do with the calming parts at the moment as having decided to try to sell the camper before we leave on our trip it seems Lofty doesn’t want go. He’s being as bloody minded as a T2 can be, from something as ‘simple’ as the wheel nuts refusing to budge to replacement studs generally being unavailable. I’ll probably do a frustrated post about it.


    1. That’ll be an interesting blog. Angst and frustration with a bit of DIY and TLC. I said he’d throw his toys out of the pram. He’s using irony. His nuts are making you nuts. 😤

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