Window into Faerie Land


Your view of the world creeps up on you unchallenged. ‘Hey’! You say. ‘Not the same! Nah! Not the same. I could see much more way back when. Damn stuff has got in the way. Clouded and impacted on my vision out there’.

I moved to Wales 24 years ago. Visitors marvelled at the views from the house. Wherever they sat. Out front? The distant sea, Aberdovey and the bay to the right, the wetland bogs before Borth to the left. Out back? The forests and fields. Forests on a massive hillside leading to Bedd Taliesin (Taliesin’s Grave). The fields full of bleating sheep and clucking hens and chickens. We see it all from the immediate surroundings of our house. High up in the back garden. Low down at the side and front of the house.

Time rolls by and Mother Nature does it’s thing……and simply grows and expands. But. At first considerations…..In the immediate surroundings. The beech tree grows taller/wider. The trees and hedges in front of the house and across the road do the same. Out back in the garden? Damson and apple trees get confident and slightly larger. Fruit trees, probably planted in the late 1800s or early 1900s become the focus. You can’t use the word claustrophobia because nature doesn’t work that way. It is there to sit and be wondered at. Apples and damsons growing. Beech tree alive with honey bees a buzzing. We are in a situation of development of the “immediate natural elements and are surrounded by awesome inclusions “.

But……where are those easily accessible distant views now? Hidden. Unless you move your body and seek a different position to look out at the “what once was”. What’s wrong with moving from your comfort zone? I and visitors no longer see the same views. But move out of our safe haven and seek a different perspective? Walk down the village, left up a staircase of a track, steep, relentless and loves to take the breath from your lungs, right along a forestry path, up into the shadows of trees, silent footsteps in the thick fall of leaves and evergreen brown needles, out into a glade and turn. Wow! A collective Wow! What once was, still is. But so different. Same sea, but a wider, deeper stretch in view, same wet bog lands, but a tapestry of rustic colour that presents itself like a quilt on the land. Same estuary, but full with glittering starbursts from the water, and same seaside houses in the distance, but fuller, richer and imagined life teams within their surrounding streets. We’ve reached a higher standpoint with the intentions of looking back from there to a moment in time we all want to remember. And it works. A warmth of rememberance, but seen through new perspective, steeps into the bones, psyche and social comforts. Holistic. No longer restricted by nearby purpose, harmony and development. All encompassing pure joy.

Now? The beauty of nurtured and close by growth which enhances the immediate joy of looking. Whilst those distant loved scenarios have never changed. Always there? So……stay and enjoy the immediate comfort of safe and recognised envelopment/development. And…..move to a different perspective in order to seek the comfort of memories once again! You can never go home again. But you can accept that home is where the heart is.

What I’m trying to say is “Don’t destroy what is nurturing before your eyes just to get at the memories of the past. Change your way of thinking. Shift perspective and move to a place where you can still find sustenance in the past which never really changes. And look at what is growing and developing before you”.

I am not going to remove a Beech tree of beauty, a collective of fruit trees or ask the neighbours to trim their hedges to see the beauty of once was. I’ll simply move myself to a different spot. The view was always there, but maybe a bit higher up the hillside. But then, nothing wrong in staying in the same contentment. Because the ultimate? An ever changing sky. Heaven. You can always stay in the same place, look upwards and always look at the beauty of everchanging everyday stories of clouds and the permanence of stars. Well, stars with the odd story to tell of death and birth.



    1. Looking back from a different viewpoint and you see all washed, refreshed and anew. Now, with your adventures, you are making memories which will, once again in the future, be revisited and feel washed, refreshed and anew. Your adding to your catalogue of mind treasures.


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