Safe in the knowledge that Angels exist.

I took the above photograph an absolute age ago it seems. The title was called ‘Flight of Angels’. I had this vision that Angels visited the town across the sea bay at night time. I could see all these lights from the bedroom window, thought of the ethereal and magical and moved the camera to catch all the imagery. When I saw the photograph developing in the darkroom dish? I actually initially believed I caught Angel flight. Why? Because I watched it come from a blank white piece of photograph paper, literally from that representative white considered light into the gradually ensuing and slowly getting darker and darker imagery of my thinking and resulting in this ‘what you see now’. Lightness visiting darkness. Visitation of a profound nature. There before my eyes. OK. You are not sitting inside my mind. But… was a moment I will never forget. This was not a point and shoot photograph. This was a searching for answers photograph.

Recently I’ve been thinking about hopes and deep, deep heart felt dreams and wishes. Do our loved one’s who aren’t with us anymore exist as Angels? I sincerely believe so. This photograph? I’ve looked at it again after years of it’s existing as a piece of my artistic history that came to life with the help of a beautiful SLR camera, film, latent imagery, my emotions and a yearning for questions answered. This resulting imagined imagery? The Angels? They fly in from the East (appropriate) and sweep across the houses and all the living abodes of Aberdovey (that is their visiting location), check on family or friendship well being, whisper words of encouragement, wisdom and watch out for’s, and promise to sit on our shoulders throughout life as they’ve always done. I for one will sleep soundly in the knowledge that Angels DO exist.

Thank you Angels. You are remembered and we thank you for remembering us.

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