Wordzzzzzz…..of click bait and trolling nature.

Wordzzzzzzzzzzzz………….of click bait and trolling nature.

My blogs are read by extremely few people. Anything up to 10 people. Mostly family or friends. But my intention is very specific. My intentions for my blogs are basically ‘cathartic’ in nature. I write them to make sense of either; my own existence or; what is happening out there in the world and gives me interest. I’ve written 4 blogs on Johnny Depp’s experience over the last 4 to 5 years. And all inclusions on my site? They are my journal. My diary of thoughts. And here! I hope I view this one down the years from now and see a gentler internet. Maybe not!

Reflecting on my Johnny Depp reading over the last four years. I have followed Johnny Depp for a very, very long time over the decades. It was a massive bombshell when the accusations of abuse arose. No way! That was my first response, followed by a haze of searching for truth of innocence within the news items that surfaced in the early days. I had this very weird conundrum. My unquestionable belief in the knowledge that this was not the guy I followed. He would never do this! But where is the evidence to innocence. Doug Stanhope, Marilyn Manson and Vanessa Paradis were the first ones which made me breathe a sigh of ‘Thank God! The voices of reason!’ With these? All the reflections historically from many, many actors, producers, musicians, etc were inherent from what I’d read over the decades of Depp interest. However, the Doug Stanhope problem when he was then threatened with a lawsuit. Vanessa responses of destroying her character. Troll one liners laughing at his daughter and son. It was jaw dropping stuff. What a terrible ride it’s been. The searching for positives, found, then knocked back with incessant accusing and belittling still. And then? Everything came into play. No holds barred. The taking down and destroying of a person. It was heartbreaking. And…..The photographs of an obviously changed man in Johnny Depp. As a nurse, I suppose I have an instinct of when someone looks in ill health and haunted in their presentation.

So, this is my take on one phenomenon that took me by surprise in all of this. Call me naive, but I was totally in the dark to the nature of what trolling and click bait was actually about. I knew journalism always took sides politically. Or, the old adage, build them (people) up and to then purposefully drag them down. But not so entrenched in destroying someone in the way I was witnessing. There is a distinct opposite to internet content nowadays on social sites.

Firstly. The negative. So many Fiff Faff nonsense collective internet words with questionable non thought-out content and pure vitriol attached to slander and belittle. Click bait one liners or trolls answering in, what they believe to be, smart and clever response. It is clever. Why? It’s relentless in its technique of making you rise to their cruel baiting. Usually through the word equivalent of sneering at you. Demanding response.

Secondly. The positive philosophical, rationalising, studying, ethical thought out promotional of good investigative practice and structure that exist out there. Don’t need to expand on this one. It’s a simple technique of being essentially and inherently a decent human being in nature. Discussion, presentation of gentle nature. Strong in views, but democratic and respectful of others.

When you access the internet arena of blog or reply sites or, in reality, reactionary sites. Usually? ‘Inarticulate’ and ‘fly over your head and disappear into the ether in a heartbeat’ statements that bleat and bleat and bleat. Remember the string together comments from people who exist in a ‘drunken’ or, even worse, self indulgent passionate ‘I’m important’ response and believe the world is listening’ TO ME…..TO ME…..TO MEEEEE’, structure? Actually? No. No way. Not even close. Simply shameful.

If, and when, I type topic consideration, last minute randomly, it’s usually in a Jack Daniels haze and not a manipulative self promoting vomit words exuberance. When I re-read my comment, at times, I actually delete them. Why? Because I step into a land of ‘What negative response am I going to get in this statement or opinion?’ I wrote a short Twitter inclusion how it was great to be able to witness how Johnny Depp would be producing new work this year after all his troubles over the last few years. The first response focussed on the ‘troubles’ and asked me to expand on what I meant! I just deleted the Tweet. I imagined, rightly or wrongly, that a negative, drawn out discussion could be on the cards. Would have been nice to have….’Yeah! Looking forward to his take on……’. Maybe I am naïve!

When I’m at a loss what to selectively look for on a subject? I tip tap trip around the internet. I tap search engine words…….read mostly at night. Read various sources from social media, reviews, blogs or journalism content. Then…despair of some of the bland, vitriolic, trolling, click bait or so called journalistic content and then….sleep, wake up in the morning and…..zilch. Not a word stays in your mind of ANY significance. It’s simply useless dope. If I remember what I’ve ‘internet searched’ and done. I think….what the heck, very, very, very wasteful and I should have just pushed the iPad off button and actually, healthily slept. If I don’t remember…I agonise over ‘I’m sure I possibly did something internet productive’, but just shrug and think….’Nah! I probably found another bunch of other peoples’ crap and false self gratifying ideology’. Then, I read the proper newspapers. You may ask why the useless stuff is chased by myself. It’s because it’s addictive unfortunately. It taps into a deep psychology of the strangely nosey Parker nature of the human psyche.

Why am I deep into my own despairing melancholia about the futility of other people’s spent time typing crap in earnest response? I’m 63 years old and I’ve just spent a couple of hours of my precious life looking at all types of bullshit sites. Actually…..it’s the answers of trolls response. What they give out to the decent others who try to rationalise and discuss. These trolls? They are simply a laughing stock. I really wish that they would realise. They…are…a…laughing….stock. But if the decent others come back in a good natured response to comment in a rational way? More inane gobbledygook. They are relentless. I’ll give them that. It’s like road rage for the internet. But with a subtle, unhealthy push your buttons approach. They don’t push my buttons. But they leave a nasty taste in my mouth. Like word bullying. But……Psychologically inept. I imagine they are ultimately failures in life. Shame really. And then there are the all out there controversy for controversy sake sites.

This an advice site:

12 Ways to Stop Internet Trolls from Ruining Your Blog

Actually? These sites? Great stuff inherent. And the others? The one’s that try to be push your buttons but come over so very, very amateur. Ultimately rubbish, manipulative failure of massive hilarity and self promotion. When I come across them? I think….. A joke? Is this a joke? Am I naive? Or am I missing something? I actually don’t get these sites. Pastiche or heartfelt self belief? Insincerity’s a futile phenomenon. If I, myself, was a writer attributed to this stuff and actually inanely attached my name to the ‘late at night trippy typing garbage and push the button to allow world internet reading’………..I’d read, reflect and then crawl under a rock next morning. I’d push the delete button and hope the zillions around the world hadn’t noticed.



Whether it is the replies/comments sent to a decent blog:

“Judge a blog by its content, by all means, but not by what you might read below the line, where a pair of idle hands may do the Devil’s work. That doesn’t make the blogger the Devil; nor does it make the blog evil. And you can always choose not to read the comments at all. Ever”.

Is it wrong to judge a blog by the comments it attracts?

Or whether vitriol exists in the blog itself:

I’ve eventually decided that some peoples’ self promotion on the internet is a very unhealthy phenomena. My oh my. Do people want to be so desperately in the ‘public domain famous’ that they spout so much vile, aren’t I clever and self importance vitriol, with adage of emotionally attached pretence intended to tweak the heartstrings of others and want to try to be clever in that ‘bullshit pretence considerations’ in the ‘bullshit manipulative creations of words that trip of their false tongues/fingertips ‘ that they actually care? No they actually don’t.

Sadness exists because there are so many people troll jumping on to the internet decent discussion trends. Actually in an internet perspective ‘used in reference to an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing interest that they don’t realise that said discussions are not a short lived transitional. They are there to reflect much further down the line. If we continue with the Johnny Depp considerations? There are writers/investigators out there that either want to ultimately research, find truth and present it in a calm way on YouTube. Or reflect on the inherent nature of ‘Johnny Depp the real character of this human being’. Present historical perspectives to amplify his good nature. And also reflect realistically on his past qualities of having lived life’s ups and downs. The writers/investigators? If you’re interested in the Johnny Depp story…..You know who they are. They’re pretty high profile on YouTube and Twitter.

So….contributing in a troll like nature to decent discussion. Unfortunate then when you re-read the terrible content you typed and contributed at a later date down the months, years when there becomes full on ‘now we all see the real picture’ enlightenment. When you are older and wiser? Please reflect…….it may calm your embarrassment. Or maybe? You’re still typing in your advancing years……with vitriol and…….false hope. And thank you to the ‘decent others’ out there. You know who you are.

Truth and Ultimate Hope? Become Mindful…….not Mindless.

“When you realise how much your worth…you’ll stop giving people discounts”. Now that IS reflection”.

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