Sister Sun, Shifting Stars and the Tin Moon.

A long time ago, in the 1970s, I dreamed of owning a mythological craft shop here in Wales. I wanted to call it ‘Sister Sun and the Tin Moon’. It would have a few tables out back for people to drink coffee, read books, listen to poetry on vinyl and generally chill. Inside? The crafts from a plethora of friends I’d met over the years at Craft Shows and worked alongside in my Exhibitions. To get there in reality? It seemed I’d have to reach the seemingly unattainable shifting stars. I was busy being both a musician and a potter at the time..

Recently? Whilst looking for people on YouTube who went on road trips in their VeeDubs. There were a few who simply showed their holiday experiences. But, knowing of people who gave up their whole lifestyle of 9 to 5 job work experience, I found others that went on these permanent life changing trips. I’ve spoken about marrying my love of life’s experiences regarding my times as musician, potter, photographer, writer, aromatherapy and complementary therapy treatments champion and vegetarian. Writing a book, drawing simplistic pencil drawings and including photographs.

Recent isolation times for my family and friends and work experience for myself and my wife and my work colleagues on the hospital ward have caused us all anxieties that can break your spirit if you allow it to. I will admit. My spirit is officially broken to ‘almost’ beyond belief. This morning I have been seeking synergy through anti stress essential oils. 4 drops each of clary sage, lavender, sweet marjoram, petitgrain and ylang ylang. Additional 2 drops of Neroli Absolute. Initially I thought of Sweet Orange. But Neroli is king. Powerful and heady.

I have many books on Aromatherapy and their effect on the limbic system is profound. So, apart from working on the biological systems due to their inherent chemical make up. Their effect on emotional needs is mind blowing.

So….back to current Covid 19 reality. Myself and many others I know? Anxieties inherent beyond a simple repair now. Essential oils change effectively. But longer planned measures have to be considered. Life has to be reconsidered. I have realised now…..I NO LONGER WISH TO BE A STAFF NURSE. Capital letters because that will be my decision after all this current nightmare. The fact is. I don’t feel safe for my own well being in my role as a nurse because for years upon years the Government and Health Boards have let us down. They think short staffing, laughing and cheering when we have wage rise considerations refused, never think of acuity and the enormity of us looking after ‘more than we can physically and mentally cope with’ patients with high dependency needs.

Also…lack of training or ignoring our own paid for it myself chased Masters level training to improve my knowledge extensively and recognise this admirable seeking to expand skills far and beyond in accrued evaluation to maybe pay a little bit more! They give no consideration whatsoever to ambitions to learn at higher levels. They don’t even give consideration to giving you a few days to actually apply to that learning. Do it in your own time. So ‘Chronic illness/disease management 3 year part time course is not worth recognition to my nursing skills? Oh. But they’re happy enough to use my knowledge within their system. ‘Become a Mentor for student nurses’ they said. 10 days training. We will pay you for 5 and the rest you have to do in your own time. Oh! And you have to travel to the training with a 122 miles round trip. But that’s not part of your pay. And travel in your own time. Across country roads that take an age to transverse. And no recognition of any kind concerning input overtime. You should better time manage your shift. Even though there were/are many times where it felt like you were/are doing the job of two people. And different examples aplenty folks. I’m done with injustice. Change career? I’ve done it many times in my life. Left my jobs to head down a completely different road.

Bit of a rant. And sad it’s the fact of how I have felt. Nursing was going to be the highlight of my lifelong experiences…….I truly believed. So, back to seeking a different pathway.

So? It’ll take Billie Budd the beautiful VeeDub I’ve had since 2009 to link down to the very foundations of my life and provide holistic healing. It will be her journey and I’m sure she’ll share her splendour that exudes both calmness and the ability to provide myself with euphoric laughter. My bus is currently with the local Guru known as Paul. He is working on her engine to get her running smoothly. Great bloke. Very knowledgeable and an oasis in a desert.

The dreamers YouTube and website links? In blue below.

I love this couples‘ phrase “Orange is Optimism”. Their web site is

and certainly well worth a visit. 

Also. These 2 dreamers who have made it happen for themselves? Go check out their beautiful 3 minute videos below.

Wales is an extremely beautiful country. I can begin my blog and intentional book writings by driving out to local beauty and mystical spots whilst chatting to people and sharing with them our individual dreams and hoped fors. What people have done to provide their own dreams of Nirvana.

My future tag? A brand new Web/blog site? And it’s name? Well….maybe…..since I’ve had it in my mind’s thought dreams since the 1970s………

“Days and Nights under Sister Sun, Shifting Stars and the Tin Moon“. 

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