Bob and Paul.


The above? ……… essential watch.

Whitehouse and Mortimer? Gone Fishing. Watched this lovely series since first episode. Loved each and every one. Sit, relax and simply chuckle. Love the word chuckle. Tonight. I watched the first 2 of series 3 episodes. They tell me, through genius humour, that I’m relevant still. It’s ok to be an older crabby everything wrong yet oh so right, a hung up but wondering why ‘losing what once was’ involving my skin sagging and shitty hair loss version of my former self? They speak of feeling comfortable in your years. Despite heart attacks. And, as I’ve felt for a few years now, I actually don’t give a second thought glance because I’ve lived a life I’m happy with. I’m a son, brother, husband, father, grancher, musician, potter, photographer, artist, etc. until now……a staff nurse (Terrible job but…..hey!) and now? Awaiting one year down the line pensioner. My wonderful aim. Was a bit more ambitious creation. In reality? I want a small vegetable garden, an end of day sit with whiskey and pipe of tobacco whilst looking at universal stars, reading a decent book and listening to amazing music. Alongside playing guitar, banging out a few rhythms on my djembe, cooking up a decent meal. Essentially…..My beautiful VeeDub comforts with basic realisations. Most important?…….being alongside Angie and her unique loveliness. And when this Covid thing gets shafted to oblivion. All our family and friends back on track. Cue beach party whilst dancing under the sun, moon and stars with a wild burning log fire blazing. Sparks rising in the dark and laughter floating in the breeze quiet hushed tones. That is a scenario to die for. So. Back to Bob and Paul….Thank you for fishing for life’s answers Paul and Bob. The simple laughs and p*ss takes about yourselves equate as the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.

As Paul and Bob say ‘You‘re very lucky to be here’ Ain’t that the truth.

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