Synergy and Holism.

In short? After the year we have all had and all it’s problematics, it has seriously challenged my role as a Health Professional. Some of you may think ‘Oh! Here he goes again!’. But, I don’t believe I’m doing my full potential. I don’t feel I’ve made or making a difference nowadays. And…I live in a marvellous environment here in Machynlleth and surrounding countryside area. We, as a community, are one of ‘inquisitive analysts and triers’. So. I want to re-study aromatherapy again…but more professionally. My Staff Nurse training alongside a new adventure. Attempt to understand the deeper foundations of alleviating anxiety, stress, worrisome thoughts, catastrophizing, pain, uncertainty.

Am I keen? Well…These are a very small sample of my books regarding Complementary Therapies in order to provide evidence for my Master’s essays on 8 different subjects re: Holistic Approaches in Chronic Conditions. And a bit of the writings I put down to get information into my old little grey cell diminished brain. So. It will be really nice to revisit these old friends again. Haven’t opened them in years. I used to read them in a quiet spot in the old VeeDub campervan and write notes and sip coffee and Earl Grey tea. Then a gentle stroll in the dunes, forest, woods, riverside. Just building an image again to give myself impetus.

Why think about this now? Considering my time a fair few years back studying Chronic Illness Management for 3 years in Swansea, I began to remember gentler times and the normality of study. My main focus was on Pain Management with considerations to Complementary Therapies and holism of the Biopsychosocial make up of us human beings. During and after the course, myself and two other nurse colleagues went through a 3 year period of teaching a twice a year 4 week course based in Mindfulness to the local Machynlleth community. So. It is accepted by the NHS. Now we are Worldwide suffering a great deal of stress/anxieties in the 2020 situation we have found and still finding ourselves in. I’m seeking answers to alleviate my own claustrophobia. Both in isolation and in frustration at working in an environment I keep questioning. I can imagine, four/five years down the line thinking ‘How on Earth did we consider those approaches to have been the true answers to all we went through’. Good fortune all.

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