The Gift.

Sometimes? Life is a stressful, hectic and draining affair. The introduction into your life of a beautiful Mohawk River Valley, New York inherent, born from Earth’s generosity, is a priceless gift. A symbol that gives the equivalent story linked to stardust entering your soul. The gift has a gentle existence which involves promoting a source of powerful and positive energy in order to rebalance your life.

The gift?

I love the inherent beauty of Indian hand made boxes and furniture. African and Tibetan too. Love this wooden spice box. However. In this particular case, a hand made Papier-mâché box, was not the gift itself. A most wonderful Herkimer diamond crystal sat within it. The crystal? Ready to be placed in a position to embrace Moonbeams that would cleanse and recharge its magikal, mysterious and mystical presence. Placed carefully and positionally perfect so that the Sunbeams were also welcomed, which then allows it to outwards radiate it’s goodwill and holistic vibes in order to improve our minds’ well being.

To be smudged, from time to time, which presents the dance of sage smoke which seeks out the debris of negative ghosts that surround it. Cleanse in the same way that rippling fresh water cleanses negativity in ourselves. Performance in this smoke dance is the seeking to re-balance and harmonise our surroundings. Whilst enhancing the crystal’s own well being.
The Herkimer diamond crystal? Any Google search will tell their stories. How precious they are. I do not know it’s own story well enough at present. Do not even know it’s name. So begins a gentle approach to gain understanding into it’s holistic life so far.

To the special person that allowed us to look after this glorious piece. Or should that be peace? A very huge………Thank you. Xx

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