Mindful Doodles in Oodles.

Mindfully doodling little word thoughts on my strange little photograph.

When the photographs reveal themselves on the little 35 mm negatives then on to paper you sometimes wonder ‘What? Where? When?’ This is one of those. Can’t remember where this was. But you always try to think of a name or title for any of your photographs that actually made you stop and look a little longer. This is to link the image simply with a few chosen words. But sometimes a photograph leads to a chain of thinking. As above. Holistically speaking many of my photos have simple titles. In the form of small phrases. For example, ‘Flight of Angels’, ‘Small protection from the Sea which Drowns’ or ‘Myst and thoughts of Flight’.

Photograph titling is not just an affectation. It’s a necessity. That way I can remember them. Not in totality. My brain does not allow visual recall when I close my eyes. I simply have no visual memory. My eyes close and I see blackness. Or more accurately, blankness. Dependant upon the light entering through my eyelids. It is simply uniform colour behind my closed eyelids. So a title gives me a tentative connection to the image. If the photograph is not in front of me? It never existed.

So I use holism of the tentatively shadow mind imagining of film/paper image (it floats ethereally and ghost like in a different part of my brain but never shows itself); real words; memory of procedures at the time to produce the photograph; memories of background music, radio dramas/plays, discussions or nature’s sounds at the time of the take; sometimes a hint of nature’s odours experienced, again, at the time of taking it and finally; the emotional response I have on seeing latent imagery negative film status become transformed into actual solid evidence of the positive image. This is how I can summon a photograph into my reality. 

Mind you. Never Doodle on my photos normally. But this one needed a little extra. Title? Mindful Doodles in Oodles. 

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