De-clutter the house and find? Beacon Pottery.

De-Clutter? Always memories found in the oddest of places and hidden/forgotten corners. Resulting in choices of get rid of or….too sentimental and a precious inclusion of life’s memories. So untouchable. Of course, this plaque has always been in sight. Unlike the multiple treasures found from the attic/loft, under the stairs spaces, cupboards with their doors shut for years or out in the ‘back space’ in a dozen or more housing boxes. And this had me thinking about precious memories.

Moved to Wales 26 years ago…….well, middle of August soon. My Mum’s birthday. Which was a huge embarrassment to our out of control in reality planning. It all just happened that way. However! Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds. Shameful on my part.

To continue, but with humble reflection. This plaque is ever present still with memory’s regrets. And memory’s fondness in thoughts. As the dust settled and life began anew. It’s a link to how life began here in Wales. Set up this little workshop at the back of the ‘out back of the house’ when we arrived here. I wired in the kiln. Rubbed my hands and thought……maybe I will eventually realise the ambition of ‘Sister Sun and the Tin Moon’. This ambition was to open a shop of that name here in Wales. However. All the pottery made in those long years ago on first move to Wales were given away to the people who were then new friends. And now still friends. And life changed to Social Services and then as a Staff Nurse. Life’s ambitions changed.

Back when I was a potter? When I actually had to go to shows and sell the pieces? My moniker was ‘Beacon Pottery. Where the Dragons Sleep’. Well. During those heady days of said craft shows, Angie found a plaque maker at a craft fayre and arranged her to make this. Subsequently? This plaque, amongst these pictures here, was always attached to an immediate ‘in my sight’ wall and was always a presence as the models were being made. Consistent in my life as a ceramic piece linked as a reminder of raw clay to creatively make my own ceramic making existence. The only other presence making my ceramic pieces was Radio 4. And those beautiful plays, comedy shows and the Archers.

Also. The crafts people I met way back when. Absolutely mind blowing craftsmanship. And……The very iconic and wonderfully insightful customers who spoke of philosophical ideas and their own experiences that will stay with me all my life. The customers who met with faerie, goblins, daemons, wizards, witches and numerous mythological others. Or….the customers who were, in reality, actually faerie, goblins, daemons, etc. as in their former or current lives. And my family who accompanied me to shows and widened the beauty of intra collective craft artisan connections. Our family of four linking to other similar families in the same sphere of ‘art being in our own hands for souls’ contentment’. We were all struggling in our own artistic hopes and dreams to realise a simpler and gentler existence.

After seeing this plaque and reminiscing. Looked today at the price of the 3 types of clay I used back when. My gosh! 😳 However. Be good to make some new , yet different, pieces again.

Trouble is. Retirement thinks you can do wonders. Nah! I’m not built that way. One thing at a time. Be nice though to touch clay again. Maybe next year……..

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