Vintage rocks!

Tippy tappy old skool typewriter. Old remembered schooldays A to Zee rubber stamps, next to wet ink pads full of muted earthy coloured to be delivered, albeit awry, onto handmade Indian papers. Whilst writing with beautiful choices of 1900’s nibs in wonderful varieties and choices. Then placed lovingly into tactile wooden holders. Which produce the energy and therapy of ‘Dickensian’. Nibs and wooden shafts dipped into inkwells with subsequent considered ancient, but still learning, writing. And a dream of what tomorrow can bring from yesteryear.

And so the story goes
To where?
No one knows.
Born from?
Well! Out of promises.
And worn out kisses.

Love vintage. You have to work at keeping it valid….but, when it produces it’s intentions, with room to develop it’s reasons for existing still, and with application can still improve your skills once again……it is worth it’s weight in gold. Xx