Journal considerations for this year. Tree = Gardening

Focusing presently upon the individualism of journals for different subjects. This, to me, is wise because I can’t multi-task. Thoughts and ideas for planning have to be separate. So! Tree theme? Definitely reserved for the Gardening Plans. The other journal here, the Tree of Life brown covered journal, has already been started (months back) with different themes, photographs, cut out and glued in inspirational newly found poetry and quotations, some aromatherapy self synergy mixes recorded, and general good advice, etc. A collection of ‘find them, love them, keep them’ alongside my own work being written and included.

All these various random inclusions in the Tree of Life journal have taught me of a need to individualise themes. In themed interests but especially in projects. Currently in Tree of Life it has a small section being used for recording dip pen nibs with Indian inks. Mind you…. I will start a new and proper journal soon for this ‘pen, ink, paper’ interest too. Shame, because although it has the Tree theme cover ideal for gardening choices. Alongside it being a beautiful looking journal, it now has no ability for new clean theme starts. 

So, the beautiful ‘Earth Pathways’ Tree Journal that my wife Angie bought me for a Christmas pressie can be the considered ‘gardening’ journal. And to reflect on building atmosphere for ambience in writing with calm application? I have found that writing by candlelight is a precious experience. The last time was just before Christmas. Carols playing too. Sunk experience in the limbic system.

Also. A fantastic find in a charity shop end of last year was W.M. Hawley’s Chinese Folk Designs. A Collection of 300 Cut-Paper Designs first published in 1949 (this Dover edition is an unabridged re-publication printed in 1971) with it’s intentions for use in simple Chinese embroidery. However, such an amazing inclusion of small symbolistic inclusions is ideal for practice in drawing for art improvement. Also as additional visual interest alongside written work. A simple smaller hand drawn designs alongside ink and pen handwriting equals sought for mystical thinking. This back supplement section has 14 pages with a total of 160 little drawings of divine nature. I didn’t count them. They’re numbered. 

😊 Yay!

A collection of various.
Beautiful mystical imagery.
Larger images considered for embroidery are an inspiring find.
Candlelight. These are aroma filled and awaiting the perfect moment.

Christmas card writing.

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