Conversation with a dried flower……..

Conversation with a dried flower embedded in hand made paper. 

Monday 17th January 2022 started the Aromatherapy course. Will spend two days a week in this new project.

Interestingly, it states an aromatherapist brings ‘a unique approach to the practice’ of this wonderful art. I love that it considers the medium as ‘art’. Alongside, I shall bring my training as a Staff Nurse with values of biological, psychological and social considerations. That is…. Holism. 

To start? Undertaking the essential requirements that each Essential Oil requires an individual ‘Profile’, or ‘Monograph’. These assist in providing researched to recording (written/typed) found knowledge and the need to brain embed it inherently. Profile building provides an understanding and insight to each essential oil considered for practice. 

However. A true relationship with each oil means being in it’s actual presence. Bringing one’s own olfactory/visual limbic senses to truly understand their beautiful nature. So nice to envelop the study with wonderful aromas.

So. This little naïve drawing of ‘Conversation with a dried flower embedded in hand made paper’ seems quite apt to summarise this story.  

I won’t rub out the little pencil lines on the drawing that formed the basis for the following of ink. I can keep the pencil past as a reminder that

‘It is the essential bases of laying down foundations that current values can be, or simply are, added to and built upon’.

Flowers and words hey?

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