Camera Film? Fine. The whole processing to finished photograph? Not so fine.

When truly up and running, actually a fair while back now, with the loaded up with film SLR Pentax LX camera to dark room finished photograph productions. Life was focused and all the Darkroom was in place. My dismantled darkroom is now housing my tools for DIY. The Wetzler enlarger sits in my den/study and my chemicals and papers are boxed up but very out of date. All the additional darkroom needfuls like developing tanks, trays, timers, red light, etc., etc….. are also boxed up. Thing is. I don’t believe the whole experience will come to revisit fruition any time soon. If at all again. I will buy film. I won’t buy chemicals even to develop the film negatives probably. Send them off to a decent lab and then use a negative scanner linked to the laptop.

My wonderful Pentax LX SLR and Pentax Medium Format 645 are begging to be used again. So much, in this retirement from work, can be experienced. Strange how life is now a collective of loving experiencing an eclectic mix of new and past interests. Where once before it was based upon singular passion and utter focus on one ideal. Potter, musician, photographer, staff nurse, British Sign Language training, teaching, aromatherapy, gardening, the VeeDub interests and learning, the Masters in Chronic Conditions course. It was obsessive focus on one subject. Basically. Jack of all trades……master of none. So now Aromatherapy is a two day a week application and other life inclusions on other days are of a dibble dabble nature. At 65 years old a sense of reality hits home. This blog and video considerations mean a wonderful opportunity can now exist to simply pick and choose. Then upload.

So I shall simply choose two of my darkroom produced photographs to upload. Above. My daughter in her teenage Beanie years. Below. Just a hard won darkroom print of a little treasured spot near where I live. Took hours of different filters, dodging out, burning in, etc. to get this looking ok. So, future film taken images down the line? Who knows what new scanner technology will produce.

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