Aromatherapy is not always about essential oils.

Aromatherapy presents itself in so many ways. Not just the art of handling essential oils. But aromas that cement memories. 
This gift. Beautiful copper hammered vessel. And so much loved it has been thoughtfully repaired. Under nature’s seasons in a friend’s beautiful local Welsh garden it had gained verdigris and weather’s patina. Very dark on being given to me. So, a need to seek a balance of history whilst cleaning it and still let some of it’s current gained changes status stay. 
So….a little exposure and deliberation of what original metal to let re-introduce it’s original gleam. Cleaned with emery cloth by wet and dry status. A fifteen minute approx. focused removal of weather coloured darkness. Thoughts for waxing the wooden handle tomorrow, because it is currently wet and needs drying to understand grain patterns. Tomorrow after an introduction of good old fine sandpaper to get at it’s grain? A revealing of it’s wooden identity. But tonight? After the emery cloth metal cleaning. A little Brasso to get the dark residue of weather stained influence removed. 
Reflection! On waking tomorrow a complete ambience review in the light of day. Maybe a requirement for tweaking…….but then again maybe not. 
It’s use? It was probably an old European cooking vessel for stove top use. My intention is to put it over gentle candlelight which is placed inside a protective glass container. The copper vessel will house various flora and resins of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Dried Rose Petals, Aromatic Woods, etc. Or maybe have it sat on embers post chiminea heat that gave us glorious warmth during laughter in conversational exchange. Hopefully it will become the perfect copper bowl for producing episodic memories by inducing limbic linked aromas that brought therapy. When certain resins hit your nostrils… get transported. Well! The three wise kings brought Frankincense and Myrrh to a particularly influential person from way back! Those gifts were precious. So, this gift of a copper bowl? Precious too. Hopes for the coming seasons will be better times after the past two years. Creating gentle moments under the stars. Quietly sitting, eating, drinking and chatting. Whilst the Flora and resins gently warm and produce aromatic smoke pervading the surrounding air? Lovely. 
Thank you Gift Giver for this treasure.

13 thoughts on “Aromatherapy is not always about essential oils.”

  1. Very nice, you can feel it has had a hard but good life, well used. Copper is such a special metal with almost mystical qualities, and it looks good 🙂
    We run a cleaning cycle on our copper alembic using a mix of rye flour and water boiled up, I think it removes any build up of toxins, ready for the season ahead. Although I don’t know for sure the reason\science behind it, I just following the instructions 🙂 It might be worth a go on your pan.

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    1. Hi. Just read this from you and googled spirituality of copper. 🤔 Found this little site. I love resins hissing away in copper above candle flame. It’s a great conductor of heat isn’t it? Angie sells all the different flours so it’s easy to give your technique a go. I love verdigris and used copper spirals in my ceramics. Added a fair bit of flotsam and jetsam from ‘off’ the beach hunts for interesting art inclusion. Made pictures, etc. Also Shaman wands alongside the ceramics when I sold at craft shows. They had a totem appeal of nature’s inclusions. People love tactile familiarities. Dementia patients were relaxed by holding, handling and using cushions with zips, buttons, string, etc. attached. Brought about a serene response to the nature of their often fractious days. Hope you are getting easier weather now. Spring is around the corner. Yay! All the best.

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      1. It’s getting crazy. Just lit a fire because the cold get’s into the old bones. Freezing weather comes out of nowhere and disappears just as quick over here. Mind you. We’re near the Gulf Stream on the west coast. Look after yourselves.

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    2. Hi. I wanted to find a bit more about your use of the alembic in your soap making process. YouTube offers some really great insights. I suppose it is a system of practice makes perfect. The essential oil separation seems minimal when collecting hydrosol. Do you find that your flour/water method works better than alcohol cleaning? I don’t think I shall be trying this out. Would love to. But discipline is needed and a largish space. I’ve got neither.😊 Interesting to actually look at how people distill though as opposed to reading about it in books. Amazing watching the way it all works. Cheers. 👍

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      1. Our main purpose is for the hydrosols, they are a very popular item and Gosia likes to experiment with local forage, plus what we grow. If it doesn’t sell then it goes into the soaps or some are made specifically for the soaps. From memory the shampoo bars are made from a nettle hydrolat. As lavender production increases this year then we will get a little more essential oil than the 50ml or so that we had this year 🙂 Gosia has a good following and it is not unknown for people to arrive with big bags full of flowers for us to put through the alembic. I remember the first time someone turned up with a cat boot full of weed, it raised a few eyebrows 🙂 It turns out there is a plantation of legal hemp nearby, and now Gosia gets a donation of about 20kg every year 🙂

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      2. Angie and myself ran our friend’s vegan shop in the Piece Halls in Halifax. About 4 or 5 times so she could have a break. A guy came in with CBD Tea Bags! The legal stuff that they are selling now. To make you feel stress free or pain free. Haven’t really researched efficacy of the various CBD makes on the market as a Nurse. I studied chronic pain when undergoing the Master’s in Chronic Conditions/Ilness Management. Complementary Therapy for the seeking if it was able to be used in the NHS. But not CBD. Aromatherapy for use in chronic symptoms was really interesting though. The NHS want gold standard research and literature studies for back up. A long way to go then!! I taught Mindfulness with NHS backing. Interesting stuff. Love your seeking new herbal knowledge to include in your soaps. Aroma and colour in soaps aid good feelings and help to alleviate SAD I believe. 👍

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