The Circle of Five. Where the Dragons Sleep.

Recently, I have been reflecting on my pottery making days. Especially after seeing some mythical imagery by a sculptor carving into old gnarled forestry in woodland. A few months back I was searching for a book to read and I came across the little book I wrote to go alongside the pottery characters. 

The ceramic figures were each hand made individually. The themes changed mythologically. Celtic travellers and story tellers. Anglo Saxon Rune symbolism woven into Sorcerers. The concepts from the Way of Wyrd with driftwood embellished in pottery, leathers, verdigris copper spirals, small seashells, small found animal bones, engineered metal, fossils, raw silk and sheeps wool, etc. Inspired by Patrick Woodroffe’s art from ’Hallelujah Anyway’ and Brian Froud influenced Faerie. Dragons. Guardians of Nature.

It was just a case of read mythology and it’s influence was King and Queen ideas wise”

Martin Chaplin was the first to have illustrated some of my work. He took his own artistic licence into the project, which was different to my ceramics source. But I love his work. Also, a girl called Helena Hartley was the second and last artist to draw my pottery and was much closer to my own work. We did a couple of exhibitions together. I, unfortunately, don’t have any of her work. She sold them outside of our exhibiting together. Both great artists. 

These are just five of Martin’s work from ‘The Circle of Five’. The small poems I wrote here were a small part of the story regarding the 5 protectors and the 4 Guardian Spirits. Illustrations? There are about 7 or 8 more. I have 2 pencil drawn originals of his view of Lady Starfinia too.  Very much softer and more of a human feature presentation than this blocked rendition. 

Hope you like them.

Mogra, Grimwell Arkenthorpe and Starfinia.

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