Osmiroid/Oswald Copperplate. Nib or Name!

Osmiroid Copperplate? or Oswald Copperplate?

Some musings on pseudonyms. In both writing and gardening.

Oswald Copperplate. What a great name for a pseudonym. Maybe as magikal as ‘Alter’.

Oswald Copperplate! The name of a writer of script using pen and ink? Writing in your own style is a satisfying process. Looking at your own development with lettering tweaks is very therapeutic.

Writing is all round therapeutic. The simple act of putting anything down on paper. Why? Both the tactile nature in using pen, ink and paper and in what thoughts in words put down in the form of storytelling, poetry, song lyrics and general nutty dutty ness. Writing for the simple act of putting words on paper? Heals the senses.

It seems fun, to me, to write or garden with becoming a different persona. It’s like the comedian Barry Welsh and the names of all his characters.

You smile and talk to yourself at start of the day and, like Jesse in the Fast Show, you say to yourself ”Today I shall mostly be writing as Oswald Copperplate”. Little mad persona inventions to psychologically provide the ’get on with it’ start to the day. A bit like Tom Good both talking to himself to get going on his task or reflecting on successes and failures. It’s a small contribution that boosts humour.

My gardening personalities? Well hey! They emerged last year when I needed motivation and inspiration to tackle a jungle of brambles, ivy and weeds. Not to mention rocks dug up from the ground and chopped down excessive branch brash and resulting piles upon piles of both.

So far? I’ve woken at start of day, looked at the weather and said:

”Today I shall mostly be becoming…………..

The awesome Bartholomew Braithwaite Benjamyn Browne, the Planner. Who keeps changing the story on an hour by hour basis. Because the overall teacher, Mother Nature, actually knows best. And Bartholomew is known to listen to superiority in all things.

The tenacious Walter Workaholic Whimplethorpe, the Workhorse and full on get his sleeves rolled up, but is tired upon tired coz he’s older. But wants to provide his input to the overall team effort.

The sit back, smile and think he’s oh so clever Charles Creativity Chuttlington, the Designer. But he is, in actuality, a novice. An infant with eyes wide open wishing. Designs, he realises, are fluid entities. And other people, as valued friends, can gently say ‘Lovely……but have you considered?’ And Charles being otherwise Bartholomew will nod humbly and say ‘Nope! But willing to go, as said, indeed otherwise’. 

Or the veritable Very Reverential Reginald Radsbottomley, the Recycling Philosophist. Needs to understand consequences. As his lovely wife has shown him. Her customers question the ethics and realities. The customers? Get it both right and wrong. Everyone has to realise, Reginald considers, that there has to be compromises alongside. Weighing up the positive and negative outcomes. 

Thomas Trawler Tarpingood and shall be trawling both books and the internet for inspiration and ideas and finding the concept of Hugelkultur.”

Gardening? As The Good Life showed. A philosophy intended. But with…….Fun times.

Writing? Wonderful ’Me time’ recording ” thoughts, ideas and reflections

By the way. ’Alter’ name?

‘Alter is both a surname and a given name. This was, in part, an omen name which expressed the parents’ hope that the child would live a long life. In part an apotropaic name. Apotropaic magic or protective magic is a type of magic intended to turn away harm or evil influences, as in deflecting misfortune or averting the evil eye’. [From Wikipaedia].

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