New ’Gardening’ page on this site


A few days ago I began a new ‘page’ on the site here re: ‘Gardening’. After retiring last July 2021, it provided a new found freedom to have a crack at the garden again. Years upon years of neglect, shamefully, was the situation we had found ourselves in. Over the Covid conundrum the garden went from bad to worst ever seen. It used to be a haven at end of working days. A lovely little Nirvana to sit in and relax. But my wife setting up her business, myself starting a Master’s degree whilst working full time with the training and learning within the role continuity and visitors from those years back popping up to Wales, well, until Covid happened…….the realisation of garden jungle chaos resulted. 

So the ‘Gardening’ page is a simple photographs and words written at the time involved. Either journal written or typed to Facebook. Facebook was done to keep family and friends aware of developments because we, as all of us, could not visit each other. 

So. No videos intentions concerning gardening. I am no expert willing to impart naïve advice. It is a simple ongoing thread of activities undertaken to seek a brighter garden for future use. Eco values are paramount. Also recycling. There will be videos involved in the ‘Retired Nurse in a VeeDub Bus’ conversations. As they begin to surface on here, as Covid allows, ‘meeting up’ with people to talk over how the last two years have affected well being. How new unlooked for lifestyle coping evolved? Conversations will probably concern content regarding gardening. I know of family and friends whose gardens have provided new found knowledge/skills and the experiences have been both life changing and enhancing. 

In a few weeks work will start again. Simple plants have survived the jungle turmoil and are reshowing their presence again. Also, apple and damson trees need pruning. The two silver birches need to be nurtured too. The main project? It is still a long way off being finished.We now have a shed full of our gardening tools in situ and a boxed galvanised 15 feet long raised bed to assemble. A pile of rocks I dug up from under the earth and to think about and how to use them? Oh! and a few fences to get started. Glorious.

2 thoughts on “New ’Gardening’ page on this site”

  1. I have a growing pile of stone that I recover from the garden and I have considered many things for them to become. An ornamental well to cover the ugly concrete lid of our borehole, a fire pit, a decorative wall around a flower bed? I know that a final decision will not be made until the reminders from Gosia become more persistent, the end result may be hard-core for a foundation for my next building project 🙂

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    1. It’s when you hit them with a mattock. Some were surface present. Most were buried. Those wire cages that you fill to make a ‘wall’ or little focal ornamentation was what someone suggested. But I reckon they’d be, as you said, a nice wall. Especially as a backdrop to a small herb plot. Love the idea of a fire pit. Saw Alan Titchmarsh do that on one of his ‘turn a garden around for someone’ projects. Thing is. Washed and the colours and patterns brought out? Some are amazing. Hardcore would be a shame with those ones.

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