When I was a ‘dream seeking’ musician.

When I wrote this song I initially wrote it, in my mind’s expectation and vision, with a Northern Soul vibe. But it went into jolly land with the band. Now I can’t unhear this version to give me back my initial mind’s vision. It was, in it’s infancy, a version that had a tricky syncopation intermingled to the overall rhythm and sound.

We released the song after touring with The Specials. They toured the UK promoting their glorious 2nd album. We then played a couple of dates with Madness before starting a tour with The Selector. Trouble is. The band’s dynamics re: individuals getting along was skewed and we just split. I decided to make ceramics and became a potter……as you do!

Influences in music attributed to my songwriting came from an eclectic interest of all sorts. The influences at that 45 single and Team 23 time musically? Had albums at the time of Stax, Atlantic and Tamla Motown soul. Also, loved Northern Soul songs and had bought a bunch of 45 rpm ex jukebox Northern Soul songs from a charity shop in Hillfields, Coventry. Writing ‘Move into the Rhythm’ ? I wanted a Spencer Wiggins ‘Soul City USA’ vibe. I was a bit shocked at the eBay price!

If you don’t capture and record and shove down ideas and ideals to what you write. It disappears. Writing songs is like catching smoke or shadows sometimes.

Same as writing blogs. 😊

8 thoughts on “When I was a ‘dream seeking’ musician.”

    1. Cheers Paul. I’ve seen the YouTube ‘kingsteam’ site where John Hewitt, the Team drummer, uploaded a fair few tracks. Also articles from the Coventry Evening Telegraph about the XCerts and Team 23. The YouTube uploads had some ‘basement 4 track tapes which were pre brass section. Also some live tracks from a gig supporting Madness. We were allowed to use the Rolling Stones mobile unit where sound engineers recorded a few tracks. I believe Madness were hiring it. 👍


    1. I know! I remember seeing a bargain bin in Coventry’s HMV with a fair few in there. Didn’t have the cash to buy a single one at the time. I felt I wanted to gather them all up and take them home! Strange feeling really. But. Difficult times money wise back then. Hadn’t got anything but fresh air, water from the tap and day to day considerations. Sound like the Monty Python ‘Cardboard Box’ sketch doesn’t it. 😉 I was in a 3 piece band with my brother on drums. We recorded a one off acetate of 2 songs to see what they sounded like on vinyl before being printed properly. The songs never got released. So that acetate is a one off. Still got that one. It was in the NME as a ‘soon to be released’ and because of that it seems that people hunt for it. It was in a record book of how much vinyl is worth. Before the internet searches do this now. So about 25 years ago it said £380. 😳 I’ll have to check that out now! Not sure about Creme Brûlée LoG references 🤔 Are they bands or songs? Cheers. All the best. 👍

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      1. It may be a blessing you didn’t get the LoG ref 🙂 It was good to have the link in the other comment made, I got to listen to a few more track 🙂
        I have eaten my fair share of gravel in my time 🙂

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      2. A lot of those early YouTube upload songs were after a week together playing as a new band writing songs like no tomorrow. So are rough, but have a lot of memories for me. Eating gravel is probably what made us who we are. Appreciative of current status. Still active and motivated to improve the house and garden whilst being able to still take time for gentler stuff. Just been playing my Djembe and chant singing ‘Om with the medicine Buddha mantra full tilt too’. You know? That kind of thing. 😆

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      3. To my eternal shame I have not seen Withnail and I even though it is a cult classic! Something I have to put right. My daughter’s partner is a massive film lover and his knowledge is profound. I bought him a book from a charity shop about psychotic women in films for odd film knowledge sources. He has recently started participating contributions to a podcast site. An hour of talking about a film or comparing two of similar nature. I’ll ask him. He’s bound to have it. Just uploaded a Djembe blog. Conversations hey. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers. 👍

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