Kaweko Brass Sport Fountain Pen.

On the 5th January I received one of the nicest tactile pens I have ever written with. Also. Ink delivery and words presentation? Lovely. Straight from the off. 

Loaded a basic unknown ? WHSmith make of black ink cartridge and straight away the pen wrote. Holding this little treasure? Small with perfect balance. Posted the pen cap onto the barrel and it just balanced nicely for my style of holding a pen. It flows and it rock and rolls. Line size is thinner than normal ‘Broad’ nibs I have used in the past. I do prefer a finer nib. Much better these finer nibs for my style of writing. This Kaweco has a nicer and much preferred ‘Broad’ aspect to it’s nib than some I’ve used. They deliver ink too wet onto lighter weight papers. I do try different inks. But cannot afford to have a massive variety on my NHS pension!

Here on the photographs? Wrote with it on some old heavy/thick wallpaper lining paper. My favourite high graded grams per square metre (GSM) weighted handmade Kardi papers will probably sing songs of joy when I use this pen on them. They’ll love it.

Interestingly. Those small ink cartridges can be refilled. Some YouTube pen enthusiasts have mentioned this. With plastic concerns for eco thinking and the ability to use preferred inks. May work well. 

Photographs show:

Kaweko Brass Sport fountain pen with Broad Nib.
Kaweko Sketch Up 5.6 Mechanical pencil. Made in Germany.

Oh!!! Must not forget this beautiful addition of the mechanical pencil with the eBay sale. Very thick lead and tactile too. Very much akin to my larger leaded Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencil. Not the model below in the photographs. Love Koh-I-Noor pencils! My pet name for them is Kohl Noir as a reminder of my eyeliner wearing Punk/New Romantic musician days.

Other pens in the photographs below?

Alongside each other are the 1930s Swan Mabie Todd, The 1960’s Montblanc #32 pen with 585 nib, and the two Faber Castell (Ambition and Essentio) pens. This little Kaweko is definitely going to be alongside the little leather case of ‘my go to’s’. 

They all will be housed in that other ‘Iconic Ownership’ acquisition ‘The French Infantryman Musette mle 35 bag’ (from the film The Ninth Gate). 

Interestingly. Well….for myself. The ‘Iconic Ownership: Ninth Gate’ bag blog, funny enough, is the most read of all these blogs. The ‘Gray Summers WordPress’ blog for my iconic bag hits ‘searched high’ when ‘Ninth Gate Bag’ is typed into Google search. Must be the Johnny Depp connections. And the fact it is a cult film. 🤔

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