Perfect Scenario. Perfect time.

Defining how we find perfection in certain moments. And certain places.

I met an old nurse colleague yesterday whilst out getting groceries from town. Angie’s car had it’s MOT. It passed. So whilst the car was going through it’s checks, we went in to buy some top ups. The ‘old colleague’ spoke of how she was now an agency nurse but wanting to get back to a full time status on our old ward. She spoke of shifts aplenty, in her agency role, where she simply does not stop for a break, constantly run ragged and staff shortage on her shifts were now normal experiences. It brought back well known ’done it got the T-shirt’ bad memories. She asked if I was thinking of going back. After saying I looked really well! I just smiled…………’No. Never.’

I’m not going to expand with ’Why Not?’ evaluation here. Just provide a simple one off vision of the last fair few weeks of being indoors for days just relaxing and not indoors-outdoors having full on workload gardening and redecorating/DIY wise. My ’Gardening’ page shows the jungle taming from retirement in July and onwards.

Last night, after speaking with my colleague nurse and reflecting, I looked at what you see above photograph wise. The day before I cooked 5 different curry dishes. Ones that keep in the fridge to dip into for a few days. Yellow split pea, red lentil, chick pea dhals, sag aloo and fried chunky potatoes with the fragrant seeds of cumin, fennel, fenugreek, black onion, mustard and coated in turmeric. Blissful cooking for pleasure.

Then last night. Sitting in gentle light with the pleasure of simply ’mucking about’. No real purpose. Just an interest in using……Ink, nibs and paper. Lovely. One beautiful familiar pen, paper and ink scenario like many over the past weeks. Photographs here have all sorts of collected inclusions. Fascinating to look, try them, have fun and learn. How they perform.

Sheaffer, Diamine, Sennelier, Parker Quink, Mont Blanc, Dr. Ph. Martins Bombay Indian Inks, Black Calligraphy Ink by Brevillier’s Cretacolor. Can’t afford lots of ink choices. Collect them slowly and still be able to try the few on a plethora of nibs. Writing which word inclusions? A naive approach of simply writing for writing’s sake. From the monkey chatter thoughts inherent? Shove them down on paper.

Normal handwriting of anything springing to mind to determine ‘how long does one pen ink dip last?’ How does each nib perform? Which paper type behaves. Just simply trials of different nibs on a piece of absorbing thick ‘lining’ wallpaper. Choose which at this particular moment? William Mitchell’s Script fine nib with ink reservoir attachment. And…… you go. Writing gibberish. Reflecting upon how I can determine and realise I am allowed studying/learning aromatherapy in my own decided times and timeline. Meandering for pleasure and not rushing about to get jobs done. Thought patterns to write blog considerations down like this below. Oooooh! I’ll write about Bakelite inkwells! It may interest someone out there”

Here? I have…….the aesthetic bonus of the four Bakelite inkwells and wooden housing alongside pen, ink, paper choices too. Bakelite inkwells? Bought off eBay. Keen on reds, browns, blues, yellows, etc. it will now be possible to house 4 different coloured ink choices to quickly start experimenting.

‘Group of 4 Collectable Vintage Bakelite Inkwells on Wooden Stand’ was the eBay description. The wooden ink pot holder measures 25cm length/width; 8cm depth; 3cm height and has a pen rest channel in front of inkwells.

Each inkwell measures approx 5cm diameter x 5cm height and each lid unscrews to refill and they all sit really comfortably in those round slots in base.

When the inkwells arrived I puzzled! India or China Ink will dry on the sides above the ink to hard flakes or stain possibly. Then impact on other colours introduced to the pots. I believe I need a small inner glass with screw top container for inks housed to protect the Bakelite surfaces. Should find something small enough fingers crossed. Those tiny jam pots they give you in cafes? Mind you! I don’t do visiting cafes much nowadays!

Dip pens and inkwells? I feel like Charles Dickens. Even though I could never be an author and it would take a gift from the Gods to write like the genius he was………I’m Still Pen Obsessive Happy! And not nursing. Guilty for not doing so. But vital for sanity.

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