Iconic Ownership: Swan Mabie Todd fountain pen.

Love Vintage Fountain Pens. It’s probably their unpredictability at times. I have no idea about renovating them to a degree which brings justice to their surviving for decades upon decades. This Mabie Todd? Great from first fill up.

Bought a few years back from eBay. It sat within a bunch of ‘job lot’ fountain pens. 14 different makes of these fountain pens. Some nice. Some not so nice. Received them and there it was! Knew the Swan’s were collectible but no true knowledge. I won the job lot for £14.00. Only bidder.

This Swan Mabie Todd with 14 carat/karat number 2 nib is a joy. Built in the1930’s (thanks to the information given to me from another WordPress blog site member) it is an intrinsically beautifully crafted and timeless vintage pen.

Worth? Swans sell on eBay for some hefty prices in good condition. Now I own one, would I buy one at those prices if mine got lost or damaged?

Yup! But in reality……couldn’t afford to nowadays! So I’d better not damage or lose it!

Oh! The writing in these photographs from other pen’s too? The Swan has been mainly used for personal journal writing and not to explain it’s pros and cons. The thing is, you have many favourite choices using fountain pens. Why? Because they proffer their successful individualities to certain papers, certain prose, certain written art form and different inks. The Swan Mabie Todd is a beautiful all rounder.

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