Aromatherapy in shaving and aftershaves.

Facebook reminder timeline stuff. This bit I wrote came up on Facebook uploaded a few years ago. Situation…..Up in the Llyn  Peninsula isolating in a remote cottage. 
As the 1980s band ABC sang from the album Beauty Stab:
“That was then………….
“The ceremonial act of preparing for the day ahead…..bloke fashion. 
Love the old fashion way of shaving with aromatic solid soap, soft brush and double edged blades. Can’t do a cutthroat no way, no how. It’s a small ceremony of sorts. Built up thick creamy lather and hot as you can stand it water on yer face to warm up the chill of morning time. 
A subsequent 3 stage pass. And warm to hot water to splash over and over and all over your face. A synergy of my considered aromatherapy essential oil hand blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Rosewood, Rosemary and Rose Otto (steam distilled) in a base paraben free cream as an after shaving protection on the scraped, wrinkly, old skin. 
Then applied? Choice of eau de cologne or aftershave to splash and bring a soreness shudder. Choices? Lagerfeld Classic (memory-1970s guitar playing and songwriting), Lochranza (memory-Trentham Gardens at Christmas), Booze and Baccy (memory-Bohemian second hand clothe shops)”. 
The combination aroma of any of these three with the aromatherapy skin cream is pretty awesome to be honest. As we as nurses say…..No contra-indications!”
And as the band ABC continued to sing:
“……..but This is Now!”
Reading this Facebook inclusion from way back. Poetic, aromatic and therapeutic events can exist in the act of simply shaving. However. No more after having extended to a raggety beard of sorts after starting one Movember moustache off a fair few years ago. Didn’t get rid but extended to goatee type thing on my face. Even the ‘goatee’ needed to be monitored in order to get a tight fitting ward mask around it so to avoid COVID beasties getting access. Could get a bit of a ‘cheeks only’ shave. But I can still use the aromas from back then. Beard oil and skin creams.
Man oh man oh man! No using the Badger and Blade scenario though. Ceremonial shave dumped.
Tempted? Back to shaving? Nah! Keep the beard. Hides the 65 years old jowl sag.

7 thoughts on “Aromatherapy in shaving and aftershaves.”

    1. Thank you Konstantin. My Celtic ceramics were from my days way back in the late 1980s to mid 1990s. The actual photographs of them I imagine are far and few between. Will look at seeking them out if any exist. The main ones, I seem to remember, were photographs of the rune travellers/story-tellers. Each and every piece of pottery was individually hand made. So once they were sold or given away that was the last I saw of them. One blog on here has some artwork by Martin Chaplin who I worked with in the 1980s and he illustrated my small story booklet that was given away with my pottery characters. Unfortunately, Martin’s work bears small resemblance to my work. Both of us wanted him to express his own unique talent. It kind of worked for the book. But not a true indication of what my ceramics actually looked like. I’ll try and seek some photos. Little hope because I don’t know who may have any. If any exist at all. Mind you. You can’t beat imagination. All the best. 👍


      1. I am writing to you from Ukraine, so pardon my English)) the first time I met your blog when I was looking for Dean Corso’s bag on the Internet!) I came to your page and since then I have been following it constantly. very interesting!
        very interesting!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Your English is very, very good. I bought my first bag after watching The Ninth Gate. I understand that a lot of people love the Musette. My most visited blog is that one. I don’t know if you have one, but French eBay is the only source I could find that came up with them. Not often. Also. Not very easy to get in good condition. And can be very pricey too. I only have the one now and always use it everyday. It carries essentials. Thank you for the feedback regarding my blogs. The site will include videos soon. Aim to have one to one conversations regarding how local people here in Mid Wales have coped with holistic health issues over the last two years with the Covid situation. Will also do some other things too. All a bit naive at the moment. Your visits? Very much appreciated. All the best for your future ambitions. Keep safe. 👍


      3. Just looked at French eBay. Two for sale. One with no strap at 90 euros. One in beautiful condition with strap at 200 euros. Both Buy it now. They have definitely gone up in price! Cheers.


  1. Thanks for the info, I’ll take a look now. In general, you are a godsend for me))) Thanks to you, new directions have appeared in my interests … Now I shave with Scottish Fine soap, try my hand at drawing, read “Zen and the art of motorcycle care”. I am 50 years old, I am trying to bring bright spots into everyday life with new hobbies and images ..)
    Thank you for interesting topics that can be brought to life.
    Health and good luck!

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    1. Health and good luck to you too. Likewise I too seek inspiration from other sources. Family and Friends can guide me to improve my lifestyle. Also, looking at this vast Worldwide internet and seeking advice on how to improve and understand hobbies and interests undertaken can provide some inspirational finds. Good fortune in all you have and will find out for your future hoped for’s. 🙏🏼


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