Is it cowardice to run away from harsh reality? Or……?

“Is it cowardice to run away from harsh reality? 
  Or wise to seek new harmony
  In another reality?”.
Thoughts hey? When you receive an Osmiroid second hand pen with 9 interchangeable nibs for the grand cost of £19.99 off eBay. You try the beautiful Medium Italic nib out and simply write down, straight away a random thought. Sitting there in your mind on the back-burner. If I were in the garden I may have asked these two opposing questions to my friend the Robin Redbreast. However, I’m sitting at a dining room table with a pen for communicating to self.
That’s what writing with pen and ink for therapeutic intervention does for you. 
Opens up your heart! And in doing so…….
……..Lays bare your reflective thoughts and current dreams.

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