Expressing by handwriting brings unique positives to well-being.

Very many moons ago I made this wooden ’journal’ for my wife for Valentine’s Day. Painting it and then distressing the whole painted on layers look and subsequently Briwax the finish was fun. Inside are 3 small past message entries from my daughter at a younger age and 2 from the grandchildren. I only read them for the first time tonight. Didn’t know they were in there. It made me smile. All other pages are blank. Thing is, it could become a means for others to now record a few thoughts. It has been blank for a few decades now. My daughter’s writing now has a unique flow exhibiting a unique beauty and magical shape. It got me thinking to how we change our writing style as we become more confident in our word expression. I have my brother’s books of lyrics and poems he wrote. His writing style was totally ’out of the ordinary’. Very Bolanesque in it’s flamboyant quirky nature. An art form all on it’s own. Words apart. He died when 21 so it is a precious and valuable memory keepsake. And so this ability to put down written words and record in our own unique hand writing styles got me thinking.

Many of us use a keyboard today. Due to social media, mobile phones and iPads, tablets, email, work related recordings, etc. As a nurse writing by hand in notes was a daily occurrence. Usually a ballpoint was used by many. However, I used a fountain pen because their tactile resonance was a whole different ballgame. I realise now with hindsight that the medium of fountain pen and ink assisted in balancing the turmoil of the nursing day to a more tolerable ambience. Strange, but true. And I have just begun to search for research into this. Writing and actual type of pen usage and chosen ink colour can provide benefits to well being.

In own personal recordings recently? Now that I no longer write in patients’ notes? Writing with newly found spontaneity allows a form of emotions to bloom and blossom. There are psychological benefits to putting pen to paper. There are also physical and social benefits too. Relieving stress, improving IQ, aids motor skills and brain stimulation. Imagine getting a hand written letter in the post! The thrill of news from family or friend. Remember Pen Friends?

Now in my new exciting and valued daily choices is the ability for the continuation of having no limitation time wise. Recording days’ happenings, writing lyrics/thoughts/blogs, aims/ambitions and intended day’s planning and interventions by hand has allowed a new arena to begin. Journals and diaries were always in the picture for my pen use. But not to a great degree. Simple and short personal diary/journal recordings at times. Now beginning to expand as more time in application is available nowadays. In a year’s time it will be grand to sit and read over those recorded words again.

Pen and ink musings give reflection, new ideas, a different creative bent, a new found soulfulness. My personal journal is beginning to become insightful again. Writing songs is a chord strummed, followed by another, search for appropriate words to realise the song’s lyrics and in front of you is a pen and sheet of paper to scribble down hopeful creative ideas, then crossing out, changing words and re-read and sing over from the start.  

The Wooden Journal? Maybe it will stay blank. Or maybe not. Does it matter? Not really. It’s tactile, I enjoyed making it, my wife still loves it and it sits as an ornament in reality. And it has 3 little written treasures inside.

My brother’s handwriting. The Chairmen at Christmas? No idea. Asylum? One of our songs in the XCerts band. The Abstract? Maybe looking for a song title, poem or name for a new band!

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