Clinical. Neat. Need to polish up Bohemia. Well. Polish down and create a lived in ambience. Get it looking like it’s natural. Difficult in the newness of the VeeDub. But it’ll get there. Needs familiarity and stuff thrown into the equation. 

The VeeDub should be a visual and tactile experience of splendour and joy by providing comfort in familiarity. The lady in the photograph below has it spot on right. I have no idea where this photograph came from on a Google search. Taken for ideas and inspiration.

Would be nice to choose a few unique handmade add ins. Would be a dream fulfilled to build a haven of relaxation over time to emulate our early hippy/health shop earthy naivety attachment days in the 1970s. We could build the VeeDub into the perfect dream space and smile in it’s reality. Smile in the presence of the dark behind our closed eyelids because love was, still is, blind. 

The ethnic cushions here need Cwtch-ing. But the sequins deny that choice. Scratchy bling. The dream catchers may choose to whisper back the dreams they caught aplenty. Especially the one made in the 1970s by a Native American. The newer commercial one sits in it’s light. In awe. 

Got a hammock. Made like a XXXL string vest. Exchanged for a bottle of red wine. Swap Shop. Now mine. And another to add to….too. Charity shop bought. But for money. Not wine. Now have two. What’s the use of one isolated hammock. It shouts out ‘lonely’. Without company. Two hanging on tree trunks. Not betwixt and between. But betwixt or between. Two people, lying in them, casually or deeply in conversation whilst looking at the sky.

Choice. Haphazard. Items. Heirlooms. Gifts. Findings in vintage shops…unlooked for. Future Cherished. Character inherent in their iconic existence. As yet also, possessions Summers’ housebound held and not yet VeeDub visited. Awaiting an invite to the future party. Yet. No invite required. Just turn up. 

The guitar, the djembe drum, the Buddha, fragrant throws, more than fragrant hangings. Battery driven Christmas faerie lights that cross their finger wires that their batteries are rechargeable or, at the least, long life. Books. Journals. Pens. Inks. Oils. Resins. So many iconic’s that don’t want to be party poopers. Some comfortable though in their housebound existence. Others looking for excitement in travelling the highways and byways.

Quirky as flotsam and jetsam can become. Expressing themselves simply by ‘being themselves’. They will find ways to the VeeDub threshold. Tripping and stumbling embarrassingly into the haven that is VeeDub Nirvana. Apologising for their lack of graceful character….when there is no need to. In stumbling? They hold uniqueness in the stories that befit them. They are all in conformity and equality with the all seeing VeeDub. Precious is as precious always was. Space that reverberates Nirvana. Reverberates Soul.

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