Awaiting? Drier weather to allow a new fresh gardening start.

February plans have been frustrated by consistent rain. The garden is midway and that last final push of a good concentrated month of application is awaiting.

Last year after retiring in July I enjoyed the outdoors tremendously. Gardening has been great fun. And after the suffocation of heavy hospital ward work…..simply new found spirituality. Also hard work too.

Still to do? Raised bed, rotovating, getting grass seed and wildflower seeds scattered, fences and dead hedge built, choosing new plant life, tables, chairs and small arbours and hideaways. Walls to re-point and slate slabs to choose spots for and resettle. Also the steps up to the garden, front garden and driveway renovate and clean up. 

What interrupted the gardening progress last year? Boiler broke so had to have a brand new, very expensive oil fired boiler. With current regulations, it had to be re-sited in a different spot out back and a new system of flues, etc. Trouble is. Out the back had to be de-cluttered and repainted. A massive job in reality. 

The dining room that I wanted to start redecorating last November put on hold. So just started yesterday and should only take about a week to 10 days. Furniture, light fittings, etc. chosen and included too. 

So. Here’s a photo of an inspirational and positive stone that was a gift. I shall draw from the symbolism.

I call it ‘A new life’. Wonder why?

4 thoughts on “Awaiting? Drier weather to allow a new fresh gardening start.”

  1. Love the stone, great imagination in the design and name 🙂
    I’ve just fuelled up before tackling the compost pile, moving the rich humus to its new greenhouse home so I can get some more seedings started, lettuce, spinach and radish already on the go to keep us going until I put the cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. I even have some rocket that made it through the winter in there so salad is always on the menu 🙂 Good luck with the garden this year.

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    1. Sounds like your hitting the ground running. Be good to see your future posts to put some words to the deeds. The experiences. Gardening soon after decorating the dining room and, possibly, kitchen too. Just been over to get some chalk paint tester pots. I need dry days really to get the garden bug back on track. Sounds like you are well prepared with composting successes, etc. Being at the start of it all it will be good to get a comfortable basic plan to develop off. That stone was given to us by a friend. I noticed the ‘design’ straight away. My friend had no idea of it’s unique quirky nature. 😊 Good luck with it all this year. Sounds like a great start already.

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      1. I had some success with plaster of Paris mixed with old paints I had around the place when I first discovered how much chalk paint was 🙂
        Yes, I must do a post, I appreciate the nudge 🙂

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      2. I know……..expense wise chalk paint is out there. I buy Annie Sloan too. To be honest though. It’s a dream to work with and goes a long way. It’s washable on the wall choice and breathes too. My walls needed a bit of work to get them decent. But covered well. No….I’m not on commission! 😆 Look forward you reading your adventures. 👍

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