Old Walls, Shadows and Monsters.

I like to see monsters out in the open where I can keep an eye on them! 

Keep the ability to wave hand shapes that keep them very much at distance and they have to behave. You air draw, with both arms stretched out in front of you, the infinity shape with your index and little fingers and say the magikal word spell ‘SHOO’. 

Monsters, the word, is a euphemism for unlooked for and unwanted thoughts.

Over the last 40 odd years I’ve collected some very deep and dark ‘monster‘ mythology books and figures. Got to know what is out there. Same with Books on Faerie and Shamanism.

This little Tokoloshe keeps other monsters from the door. And from coming down the chimney stack past the flue sprites. 

Tokoloshe is going on my future VeeDub travels alongside little Mucki the hedgehog and BEAR. There are monsters out there that none of us understand at the moment. The 3 of them can be a formidable protective team. The fluffy BEAR, the spiny hedgehog and the creepy smile Tokoloshe. They’ll get along…..ever the child exists in many an adult!

Also. I was always loving our walls once they were stripped of the old wallpaper. Art forms of their own making. Sundown…..Earlier……then Later. Again. Just generally interesting all round. The journey of our walls? A century, and then, plus some 30 to 40 years in the making. 

In a French Chateau or Country Mansion they would look? Well……….at home! Shabby Chic. In our Welsh house they look awful.  The idea of a little ’Truth Window’ in the form of a box was a nod to keeping a little bit of history. Stripping the dining room and, so far, one wall has seen plaster skim overlaying similar wall identity of aged patina. Where some skim has fallen off it shows those wonderful distressed paint layers.

The VeeDub did the same. Stripped down by rubbing would show layers of previous owners’ colour choices. Some owners do this to the petrol cap cover on their VeeDub providing a small sense of history involved .

You could title these walls…..pretentiously. And smile. Needed to get photos before chalk painted out.

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