DIP NIBS and INKS: A Few Thoughts.


So many and bought from charity shops. Also eBay. Different types aplenty of dip nibs for writing script, calligraphy, quill and art use. Also Graphos nibs for the unusual Rotring and Pelikan pens with their unique filling chambers and flow systems. Used for art, draftsmanship, technical drawing and calligraphy.

These links below explain the Rotring/Pelikan system really well.



With these Dip Nib new considerations last year, decided to buy some different ink choices. Too expensive now on a small Staff Nurse pension and awaiting the government additional pension early next year. So choice is minimal but essential for learning. Never used Shellac based ink for example. So, Encre Sennelier Shellac Water based inks in muted beautiful sepia, browns, bistro, sanguine, walnut, etc. colours were interesting to say the least. Burnished on depth and re-application to achieve glow.

For Calligraphy practice was the intention. Not up to the standard of this beautiful Calligraphy book in these photographs. 

But on researching these pigments? Useful for drawing and brush work. No intention of using a brush at present. I’m a useless artist who cannot use my imagination due to my Aphantasia syndrome. (Wrote a blog about it!) 

However. With brush, bamboo pens or broad nib use and splattered inks to paper I could maybe see shapes from natural fallen formations. Found the shellac too dry for writing in normal style for diary and blog considerations anyways, so will probably have a go at it’s artistry capabilities.

Still looks to be ideal for application to single disciplined calligraphy lettering too though. Especially with their glorious sheen. India and China inks too to consider for dipping into. Already had a Brevellier’s India/n ink in deep black.

Alongside I bought the Encre de Chine (China Ink). So, the combination of using two different types useful for testing different nibs.

Esterbrook dip pen nib is the biz. Beautiful with Brevelliers and Senneliers.

And coffee and hobnob…..essential for the writing experience too.

Random photographs from the iPad collection of random……ness.

Tap on images below to make larger:

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