Give Yourself Time to Relax.

Vintage rocks. Got these Bad Boyz from a charity shop. Vintage Ray Ban Mod 3057 USA sunglasses. Not often found easily.  Cheap….ish! But iconic.

Looking at this old photograph reminded me of relaxing in the sunshine. It’s been a forced isolation alongside social restriction over two years. All work and no play. But seeking distraction to the awful plight we have experienced is either all work of seeking new endeavours to keep mind, body and soul from drowning. Continuity in our own jobs as key workers. Or hunker down and do our best to avoid depressive thoughts in the oppressive situation. Certainly the job as a nurse was, at times, very stressful. Over the last few years especially.

So in finding and future wearing these again keeps myself protected from the, hopefully, harsh Spring and Summer sunshine. 🤞🏼 Then. I found myself thinking that in these simple pair of sunglasses an emblem of hope and new thinking philosophy exists.

You know?…….I’m suddenly realising that last year was all work and no play from July to end of December. Okay. It was glorious outside gardening. And business in huge decorating projects. But it became Mondays to Sundays application. No out for a Dune or Lakeside jaunt with camera for a day of centring thought.  I suppose, sometimes, you need to escape the experience of taking up a project whole-heartedly with gusto and forget to hold back and smell the roses. Reflecting now on missing out on a few simple days out or weekend overnight stays in the VeeDub. The ‘Remember to Chill’ item choice then is to be………Sunglasses. They’ll do nicely. A visually appropriate image to remember to provide myself some relaxation this year. Simply get out there on the sometimes necessary ‘slow-train’ that exists in life. That’s a positive philosophy to adopt.

Alongside to strengthen said philosophy. A Panama or Tilley Hemp hat, a pair of these UV protection Ray ban sunglasses and a few combinations of linen and organic cotton garb…..loose baggy trousers, shirts, grandad button fronted hemp or light cotton t shirts, a lightweight jacket, a pair of heavy, ready for duty vintage Dr. Marten’s Fisherman Sandals and Earthkeeper Timberland desert boots, wooden bead wristbands and Buddhist and Bohemian Hippy love bead necklaces. An old guy in old guy bohemian shabby comfortable clothes. 

All this will hopefully feel shabby to swanky and cool enough (both sartorially and bodily) to relax and wipe away the last Winter months experiences of random days of dry weather. More rain and gusts of winds happened than actually necessary from Mother Earth’s considerations of what to throw at us all. 

When it’s time for ablutions. Travel light I say. Chuck in the VeeDub too? A small vintage leather toiletry box housed with vintage shaving gear, shampoo, one of Angie’s shop’s lovely choice of organic soap bars (not sure yet which aroma as they are all to die for), toothbrush and paste, salt-rock deodorant and Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy eau de cologne. 

Outside it is raining as it did all last overnight too. Storms and winds are forecast. But the RayBan presence gives hope.

3 thoughts on “Give Yourself Time to Relax.”

  1. Greetings, just a gorgeous review !!) Briefly, but how much is invested in this text? And reflections and description of the usual style of clothing, which implies taste and iconic image!!

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    1. Investment is minimal. I write quickly, put it out on to the site and change bits and bobs and mistakes when I read again. Investment in time spent concerning the subjects can be either a lifetime. Or a recent interest. Both are naive in thoughts. No deep analysis is possible. Analysis, deliberation and reflections exist in my career choices. Blogs are for fun. Clothes wise, for example, has been inherent re: vintage/charity/thrift shops since I was an 18 year old. Still exists as my choice. Cheap and quirky. Also homely, comfortable and timeless in many cases. Being a musician and being on stage meant finding specific style choice. A love of vintage rustic gives great long lasting clothes like Harris Tweed, Barbour, etc. So can write with reflection. Many of us go through those times of extreme influences and drop like punk, New Romantics, etc. It also keeps the brain cells ticking over by recording information. Cheers.


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