Smoothline U.S.A. nibs. Worth looking into.

Smoothline Nibs. Worth looking into.

Recently tried out two Smoothline Nibs. Made in the USA. Gold and Silver coloured. Both a Medium with no number inclusion marked for size. Found the gold one with some other dip pen nibs bought as a bundle. It really worked as one of the favourable ones. Dipped in Sennelier and Brevillier India ink it was an amazingly easy to write session. Both inks working well. So, checking on eBay found a really cheap vintage fountain pen, unknown name, with a Smoothline nib. Pretty much a fountain pen the worst for wear to be honest.

A little blog research on the internet had Smoothline nibs housed in Conway Stewart’s, Esterbrooks, Noodler’s piston fill and Krol dip pen. Haven’t looked fully into the history of these nibs. Difficult to find the information to be honest. Have spotted a few enthusiasts that state they are great writers. Smooth as smooth as in the name. One reviewer called it pretty rank. However, I don’t agree really. The Gold coloured one has a slight upper appreciation from myself when doodling writing. Allows easier expression and goes where I ask it.

Would love to find a pen to house them in. The fountain pen I bought on eBay is one with an unremovable piston converter which leaks. So an ink stained fingers experience results. With an ‘open hole’ at the top of the cap also, which would dry the ink out quickly. That’s also irksome. As much as writing with a dip nib is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Especially for concentration in a Mindful exercise.

A fountain pen is much preferred when writing lyrics, journal entries or equivalent is involved. It is needful because as you think of words and ideas you have to immediately get them down. Sharpish. Why? I cannot multi-task by focusing on nib to ink replenishment whilst retaining a lyrical line in my brain. Also. Short term memory isn’t as strong as it was!

When a nib is used for the first time and you realise it could well become a best friend. You want it on it’s best behaviour. Not stuttering and apologising for it’s belonging to a poor support fountain pen act that, with all the will in the World, cannot be fixed.

Here’s a few photos of ambling words and scribblings……again. On the same as ever lining wallpaper of heavy grade. Used Diamine Oxblood, Parker Quink and MontBlanc Mystery Black inks here. As seen with the latter…it creeps. Will try to seek more information with a view to finding and using a suitable pen to go alongside a few faves.

Tap on photographs below to enlarge.

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