Balancing Stones. A moment in time.

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The Journey itself? Or the Destination?

I remember seeing, when on holiday, many, so very many, balanced stones like these on a beach. I was too focused on getting to the known tourist/craft/artisan shop I visited a few days before. So didn’t stop and take in their visual collectiveness. I was mind focusing elsewhere. I wanted to buy some absolutely delicious smelling Sandalwood paste from the shop that I hadn’t bought on the first visit. Simply to enhance memories and link this specific aroma as a basic need to support a holiday that I was really enjoying. Aromas frequently succeed in specifically linking to memorable experiences. The Sandalwood wooden pot still lives within my daily Musette man bag. My Musette bag smells of a synergy of aromas that exist within the bag, which in itself is a comforting familiar in my life. It does not exist as a holistic memory.  But a complete ever changing presence that provides unique therapy.

Here? I photographed the Sandalwood pot in the presence of Buddha.

Loving the tactile pot and Sandalwood, arriving home, I looked for another Sandalwood within a pot of very similar design on the internet. When it arrived it had a completely different aroma. Nothing since has the same quality of that single initial pot. So. In that one item is an immediate link to specific holiday memories. 

However. As much as this is a valued treasure. I never stopped to embrace a proffered moment in time. To build my own pebble stone temple to exist for who knows how long alongside others who had built their own balancing of stones. After purchase of the beautiful pot of Sandalwood? I took a different route back to the hotel. The result was that I never left a blink of the eye or months/years long lasting legacy of how I applied myself to add my own contribution to that beach filled with hoped for’s and dreams. 

Sometimes? It’s worth noting the journey you undertake. Not the destination. Thank you for reading this in one brief moment in your time. 

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