‘Room for Doubt’. Song by Team 23.


Above is the Link to ‘Room for Doubt’.  Photograph by John Coles. 

Recorded back in 1981. Recorded at U.K. Pro and The Point studios in London, UK. . Produced by John “Brad” Bradbury from The Specials. Recorded alongside the Double A sided single ‘Move into the Rhythm’ (Gray Summers) and ‘Whatever Moves You’ (Jerome Heisler).

This was a very special period in my life and enjoyed the whole experience of those musician days.  A very youthful me is here on the right hand side of this photograph. I am still in touch with two of the guys on Facebook. They are still musicians too. Glorious to think that is the case. 

Being a musician, if once was or still is, will always be a massive part of your life. It changes you as a person. It brought life to my youth. And still brings life to my years in the retirement 65 years old scenario. In reality, I still write at least one song  a year. I love writing in journal form. Or now in blog form. Yet? It is also fantastic to be able to at least own a guitar and still pick it up to write treasured, cherished and reflective experiences in tunes and lyrics.

And so the story goes……………

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