Back to writing the simplicity of ’thoughts’.

Retirement? Since July 2021? A time spent in Decorating the house, Do it Yourself (DIY) and gardening.


It has been an interesting year again so far. The blog site has been going well still. In such a few short months of 2022 over 1,500 Worldwide visits isn’t too bad at all. Whether people read the words? It is something we never really know for sure. But writing them down is cathartic. Slowed down over the last few weeks. Although. Over the last four or five weeks I haven’t written any blogs whatsoever. Nor sought others in the WordPress community in order to read their own contributions. A matter I will truly have to remedy.

The thing is. I feel sometimes it seems trite for myself to write down meanderings when so much hardship exists in places elsewhere. When Covid was first on the World map, my blog writings diminished to zilch. I was caught up, back then, in the staff nurse experience and application to assisting others. It is difficult to overcome the background of harsh and worrisome Worldwide situations and write about the simplicities of DIY, fountain pens, the VeeDub, gardening, writing music, etc. It feels, to my own contributions, foolish and immature writing lighthearted stories with no depth or analysis.

Now? I feel I must write again. Despite the trite. Even if for the experience for others to dip into and read said ‘trite’ words and see a considered ‘close to normality’ in someone’s life. When I watch Countryfile or similar, watch bakery/cooking programmes of ordinary people keen on the cooking experience becoming Masterchef/Bake-off champions or read others’ ‘how we changed our lives’ life stories in blogs/articles/books it gives me a smile. And also a sense of inner purpose. To carry on and change myself in similar ways. Motivate myself. Retirement is a huge whole ‘given this gift but got to fill the time’ challenge.

Despite a 65 years lifetime so far of enquiry, finding interests, getting my teeth stuck into learning, projects, hobbies, family etc. and family matters. It all comes down to? Well…….simply living life. Even though now, in retirement, when you find you have the option to sit back and enjoy? Important to note that laziness cannot be tolerated. Relaxation in future endeavour? Well….yes. But definitely no stress or burn out. Relaxation in the realms of considered purpose. But laziness? No.

So. I need to carry on writing and enjoying getting words down I suppose.

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6 thoughts on “Back to writing the simplicity of ’thoughts’.”

    1. Thanks Danny. Will have to catch up on your posts properly. Bought a charity shop Platignum calligraphy set with 5 changeable size nibs today. Cheap as chips. So still little experiments to be found. All the best.

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      1. It’s been great sitting and using different choices and writing down any old ramblings. Love Osmiroid. Currently gardening and starting a progress journal. So it’ll be nice to follow through with the different Osmiroid nibs to produce a variable page ambience. Bought 20 small stencil bullet journal templates too. Loads of different small frame shapes to write titles, a sentence or two and other fuller thoughts within. Fun to muck about with I hope! Cheers.

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