Think in Spirals……not Circles.

Gray Summers

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Think in Spirals……..Not Circles.
(Not a poem. Just a bunch of words).



I can suffer more within my imagination

Than within my reality.


I can suffer more within my reality

Than within my imagination.

Vice versa……versa vice.


The reality is so overwhelming

It destroys the imagination.

And the imagination

Only suffers in the reality.



I can find a perfect space

In which to dream

With a calm and beautiful mind


I can have inspiring vision and hope.

Have motivation.

Have determination.

To seek another story and…….

Put my dreams into another reality

By simply, at least, striving to make them……..

My reality.


They can fly through the wind and rain

Touch the sky

Reach for the stars

And even then



Simply hold, forever treasure

and hope to realise within hope’s realisations limits

They will

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