Words and Watercolours.

Old office binder file. Vintage.

Words and Watercolour.

A while back now, this old/vintage office binder came into my possession. Unsure of when these were popular. But it has a wonderful aesthetic value. Inside was ripe for sprucing up because of the poor state of the inside covers. Due to being able to add and subtract whatever is introduced to or removed from it’s presence, it becomes an ever changing story. 

The lovely tactile leather non-Filofax (I do have a couple of real ones) is similar. This one is for my inane scribblings of how my fountain pens and dip nib pens are faring. Presently it has handmade Indian paper in it. The pages have both old typed newspaper bits or leaf stems and petals within the pressing of their paper making process. Strange dodging little yellow petals to avoid tearing them away from the pages with an unforgiving pen nib. 

Words and Watercolour? The vintage office binder file can house both the handmade Khadi and other Indian hand made papers for ‘Words’. And some decent ‘Watercolour’ paper too. With the simplicity of punching two holes it’s a quick process of preparing paper pages to introduce. And Words and Watercolours can be inter-mixed with one another too. 

Words at present will be Gardening based interests. Plans, dreams, successes, etc.

Watercolours will be small and naive inclusions of the garden’s subject, projects, plans, etc. Currently looking for a professional watercolour pallette. I can’t paint! I was advised from a WordPress blogger to go for the professional quality. She said it is always the best choice to make.

The Filofax six ringed system is a pain. Sitting with a hole puncher at weird angles to get them to line up and fit inside takes forever. It becomes a Mindfulness exercise. But it’s worth it. Having owned most journals as bound affairs it feels good to have the ability to and opportunity for change. I made a small leather ‘capture’ cover too a fair while back. Used for ‘grab at paper inclusion’ for quick ideas, shopping needs or bought items. 

I suppose this blog concerns the ‘make it yourself and then cherish it’ philosophy. Mind you. That means maybe making my own handmade paper! 


Please tap on the photographs below to enlarge.

A few of my experimental lyrics and I do have a tune to go with them too.

4 thoughts on “Words and Watercolours.”

    1. Years ago we bought two ‘How to make your own…books. Soap and paper. Never tried either. The Indian Khadi paper comes in different GSM grades. I get different textures and enjoy writing on all of them. The smoother pen types, like the Swans and Montblanc nibs, are really amazing on heavier grades. They write differently too. More embellishments and control techniques are possible. Khadi do some amazing rustic colours too. So I prefer hand made to smoother general paper types to be honest. Long term fibre pick up on the nibs hasn’t shown itself to be a problem. May do in very long term use though. Osmiroid italics can scratch catch on upward/sideways strokes on heavier grades. I have also bought cotton handmade papers which are very smooth. Give it a try. You never know. You may prefer them. Cheers. All the best.

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    2. Just a quick update Danny. I’ve added a very last photograph. Not Khadi paper, but still handmade. Light but porous feel to it. A bit like a watercolour paper, but thin. This is my Montblanc #34 gold, smooth as smooth, nib with good old Parker Quink. Gives you an idea of how the experience works. Cheers.

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