An Exercise in Visual Learning.

I came to the conclusion that I should understand a bit more about fountain pens on a basic level. If I want to talk about my interest in simple choices from a few inks to transfer onto paper? Enthusing on the subject of writing with freedom, abandonment and fun by flourishing a friendly nib. Then I need to understand what a pen’s parts are.

So. These photographs here. It was a nice naive and basic drawing and writing exercise in the reality of focussing on pointers to future use as a reference. My memory is a poor one nowadays. I will probably future improve on this first descriptor drawing attempt and substitute it with one that provides more insight and clarity. Also, I may have a go at watercolouring it gently when I feel confident enough knowing how to actually paint in watercolour. That will be another naive practicing and learning process too.

Speaking of memory. It is a strange phenomena that I do not pick up on remembering sequence information as easily as I used to. Even from sentences of my own making. I can write a song, poem or short story and cannot recite back. Play the newly learned chord structure to a song and a couple of days later struggle. So little pictures of simple put togethers are reference essentials.

When future talking about specifics regarding my vintage fountain pens and dip nibs on the intentional video uploads? I can’t say ‘This thingummy jobby here’ or ‘this doofry doobly there’ can I ? So pinning it in front of my eyes and scanning is simply allowing a ’joggin’ of the noggin’.

Next up will be looking at drawing all the different types of ink converter designs (the chamber that sucks up and then holds the ink) that exist out there. Again to look at whilst talking about the joy or difficulties in using them.

Understanding and knowledge on any different lighter or deeper levels through analysis is essential. My role as a nurse required deep thought processes. As a VeeDub bus owner and enthusiast I can’t talk about taking engines apart or such stuff. I can understand the expertise and passion of ownership when reading the contributors to the Volkswagen Type 2 Early Bay enthusiasts site I belong to. Site members are keen, insightful and quick to give advice when you have a problem to solve. That’s priceless. Myself? I’ll talk about the experience of a recent trip out. And the well being of ownership. Of course I can contribute along with the chats on mechanical basics.

The importance of feelings and enjoyment when speaking about an interest? Lifestyle experiences are so valuable in order to promote psychological positivity. So it is important to think of scenarios that could benefit the mind. For example, discussion on the planning of loading up the VeeDub with a few art materials. Then, once done, subsequently go and sit on a beach, by woodland or next to a river or lake for perfect ambience. Set up an easel or a table for paints, paper, pen and ink and a microphone for recording oneself in explanatory and reflective self conversation. Content? How it feels to simply live in that moment. Chitter Chatter regarding each small friendly wave from a fresh experience that is washing over you. A new found priceless moment in the ’wonder of it all’.

So. It is quite nice now knowing the basics in having names put to all the bits of ‘what are a fountain pen’s parts’. After using them for a good 60 years….I suppose it’s about time!

Never too late to stumble over and then slowly learn about what’s going on under your nose as you squiggle or scribble.