The Medicine Buddha mantra.

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A fair few years now I have both spoken out and also sung out the Mantra of the Medicine Buddha. I used various other short mantras over previous decades to give self comfort. But never for others’ comfort. The Medicine Buddha mantra has taken precedence over those past mantras since my staff nurse training began. It has become the only one used now. 

I have found myself never alluding to the shorter version of the mantra. Always give attention to focusing in full. In both times of stress on the ward where some patients were truly suffering. When family or friends were ill. Or simply as an applied comforting blanket of sound, for my own benefit, that allowed the promotion of blossoming internal self psychological and biological well being. In this latter respect it has assisted enormously. In the former respect, for family, friends and patients, I could only hope. Of course, I never said these words in the presence of them. Sitting quietly over a coffee at home or during a break at work it was a fine opportunity to whisper out the words.

Nowadays since retiring. The garden is a wonderful space to quietly speak or sing out all feel good prose, poetry, thoughts, my own written lyrics, mine and others’ songs, etc. Maybe the philosophy that exists, in which plants respond well to positive energy in the form of music or kind thoughts, does actually work. If so…….I’m there for that one. All the way! Bumper herb and vegetable crops and enhanced plant petal/flower colours. Well being at it’s finest.

I always said or sang this long version. Once reciting it 108 times alongside the counting the beads of my Mala necklace. I was recovering from surgery at that time and in much discomfort. I burst into tears half way through. Why? No idea. When I finished, a knock came to my door. It was a Doctor colleague who dropped by to check how I was faring. He had four traditional ales/beers in his hand and said that would sort me out post surgery in the best possible way. Wish he’d knocked the door an hour earlier! 

Here too is included the translation of the mantra for clarity of the message. There are other translations too to be found. Pain substituting illness. And promotion of the process of ’doing away with pain/illness for ALL sentient beings. Like many investigations. Deeper and more lateral answers on seeking broader clarity.

Om Namo Bhagawate Bhaishjaya Guru
Vaidurya Prabha Rajaya Tathagataya
Arhate Samyaksam Buddhaya
Om Bekhajye Bekhajye Maha Bekhajye
Bekhajye Rajaya Samudgate Svaha

Gloriously and Respectfully we request from you
Medicine Buddha Guru,
One of lapis lazuli light, King that has once come
Fully enlightened one who is beyond this
dual-natured world
It is done like this…(we ask like this)
Do away with illness. Do away with illness.
Do away with the great illness of
the ignorance of our True Nature.
King Medicine Buddha
This prayer is relinquished unto you.

Good Fortune and Om………….

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