Heat avoidance or Journal making?

Wonderful Eastern Opulence .

Today may consist of collecting thoughts and ideas for making a medium sized journal. However. It may get too hot and humid to be able to. It was very draining yesterday weather wise. So much so it made the body’s systems very queasy and nauseous. Here in the UK, those sort of temperatures are very unusual. So it brings different stories to how we react. Basically? We are simply not used to these extremes! When they happen they shock the senses.

However, it would be nice to at least try to fill the day and make something. Yesterday was a flop down on the couch, shut the curtains, drink plenty of water and simply withdraw from the intense heat type of day. Exhausting in reality.

I have some wonderful Encre Sennelier Shellac Water based inks for dip pen nibs to do some naive ethnic drawings.  On researching these shellac pigments, they are perfect for painting with brush or bamboo too. Muted beautiful sepia, browns, bistro, sanguine, walnut, etc. colours. Burnished on depth and re-application to achieve glow. Ideal for writing subject matter too for considered journal inclusions. Also some Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay inks. Some nice doodle art ideas from Pinterest sources for influencing own ideas.

Please tap on above photographs to enlarge.

Having received waterproof deep red and deep turquoise blue ink cartridges in very collectible Bakelite carrying boxes by Visconti, it would be nice to give them a try out. Both of these Visconti fountain pen and Sennelier/Bombay India inks? Ready for writing/artwork/drawing on to Handmade cotton heavy weight deckle edged papers by both Khadi and also 50 sheets of a ‘From India’ source. 

Here too is a book pad of heavy Eastern Opulence decoupage paper which is tactile wonderful. Amazing in both visual and touch reality. Heavy 160gsm paper, so not a ripping, pasting with PVA and building up texture style. But ideal for use as subject separators in a journal. A visually stunning example of pattern and texture as little art oases focal points separating bundles of 10 cotton handmade sheets. 

Need to decoupage and PVA a heavy dense cardboard for the journal cover. Or! Somewhere I have some sari material which can be rolled over barbecue skewers to build a layered material cover akin to the two handmade pictures seen here which we bought back in 1984.

Then again. If this extreme heat continues it may well be another day of couch flopping.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

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