Doodling with the Kaweko Brass Sport.

Been writing with this beautiful Kaweko Brass Sport Fountain Pen. Ink is a WHSmith basic black cartridge. I’ve read that the Kaweko converter can leak. I’m happy with cartridge choices out there so may experiment with a few others when pennies are again in the bank. State pension status arrives in September. So I should have some more cash to spend on my pen and ink passions again.

What physically writing in pen, ink and paper does, apart from produce therapeutic well being, is make the mind enquire. The first one I drew, The Palm Leaf, means ‘Self Education’. Funny that because of what followed.

Thought the word ‘Scepter’ was spelt wrongly in the Chinese Folk Design book I was copying from. I was confusing it with Spectre. Looked it up.

‘Ruyi (Chinese: 如意; lit. ‘as desired; as [you] wish’) is a Chinese curved decorative object that serves as either a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore. The “ruyi” image frequently appears as a motif in Asian art. Ruyi’.

Above: From Wikipaedia.

The word Rebus? It is ‘Image as Word/s’. Then over time evolved from ‘Spoken to Written’. Interestingly the Chinese language developed off the image itself and evolved into the representational written language that way. I kind of knew that one strangely. From where? Maybe from Ian Rankin when I was reading his books about the detective Rebus.

Didn’t include the Chinese lettering in the book. Too small to attempt to copy. Also, never tried it before either. Be nice to try some time in the future. Used to carve and draw runes, so a similar ideal.

Just a thought. As a nurse people thought I knew a lot! Nah! I knew my essentials, but when something new and unlooked for came along it was a quick off the mark hunt and search when needed. Immediately discuss and share it with the Multidisciplinary Team to all consider if useful and fit for purpose for the patient or situation. Then, after a month or two, with my poor memory? I’d forget it all. Ask me what a scepter or Rebus are next month? I’ll look back at you confused dot com. But it makes the day a little more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Doodling with the Kaweko Brass Sport.”

  1. Interesting post, dont beat yourself up about ‘Scepter’ vs ‘Spectre,’ from my time in Hong Kong I can assure you that no 2 Chinese will read the same series of written characters and come up with the same meaning.

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    1. That’s good to know you found it interesting. Spectre/Sceptre/Scepter? I was confused initially about the ending of -er or -re. With Sceptre being my familiar recognition as in ‘king/queens’ staff. Then took it out of the norm with Spectre in my usual way with words at times. Unfortunately, when writing or typing my spelling does get weird at times. Spelled weird as wierd for a very long time for example. Also substitute words like fairy/faerie fair/fayre weird/Wyrd. Old ways. Can’t blame this spectre mishap on post symptom confusion re: Covid either. 😉 Been a lifetime of mixing up word salad stuff. Makes life interesting though. Interesting you’ve been to Hong Kong. Culturally it must have been amazing. Cheers and all the best.


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