Solar Power

Old Shoe Box now the Power House for Gathering and Harnessing Sunbeam Power.

In the VeeDub there will sit a ShoeBox. Inside the ShoeBox? A powerhouse to gather up Sun’s energy. 

EDIT: I am editing here after two day upload to show the Shoe Box as the collective with inverter. The red coloured inverter arrived this morning. It can be screwed to the other side of the box. It all becomes easy to pick up and use. The Steca Converter is upside down you may have noticed. There are two holes at the bottom of the box, but I need to get some longer wiring. The wires at present can only reach the battery terminals inside the box by moving them closer. Hence the two holes drilled closer to the lid. So at present it is how it is. Mind you. I like quirky so may leave it as it is. I have a small mirror to place under the Steca and can see how fully it is charged without craning my neck. I want to add too that I am currently looking into all the compatibilities. So this is not an advice blog post! EDIT done.

Thank you. So to continue where I was………..

Lately I’ve been putting together some Solar Power to allow recordings of Video and Podcasts for future uploads to this site. Systems for this should be simplicity. Because I am a very simple guy. Technology is a strange phenomena and I treat it with an ‘at arms length’ usually. 

The iPad will be used for recording conversations. It’s 100% battery charge would disappear in the blink of an eye left to it’s own devices. It’s an old iPad but very cherished. I’m typing on it now as I …….well…..type! So have got a collection together now. One more item to arrive hopefully today or tomorrow will be an inverter to connect the iPad and other USB items to it. Photograph here shows ‘protection’ numerous times. I like the word ‘protection’ when it concerns expensive pieces of kit. Don’t want smoke emitting from over cooked equipment!

So far? Solar panel, 12 volt battery, Steca Solar converter, 12V Female Cigarette Lighter Socket (Dual Power Outlet Adapter), Shure microphone with MOTIV audio and video app programme back up, Japanese tripod, holder for iPad to tripod…….and shoebox. Awaiting said power inverter and need to choose an app uploaded for audio and video editing programme for the MOTIV recordings.  Also need an external sharing platform for the recordings too. A link that visitors to the site can simply tap on an icon and access the podcast. Looking presently at choices.

Then get out there and actually do this project. The project is something of a dream really. When I left nursing it was fully intended to continue health enquiry in a conversational manner. The VeeDub was always paramount. Alongside humour, playing some guitar, sharing thoughts of how we change when forced to, sitting out in the open countryside, meeting interesting people and capturing treasured considerations from others? A lovely chance to benefit from interesting experiences for myself re: motivational opportunities, learning from others, a chance to sing and play guitar with others and generally get new ideas as it all develops. 

Cost monetary wise? Not too bad. Swapped the solar panel, battery and Steca converter for a decent bottle of single malt Welsh whisky. We like item eco swapping in our community. Bought the inverter for £30. The cigarette lighter socket for £8. iPad holder for £5. The Shure microphone was the most expensive at about £120. But a really fine recording quality pick up. Got to make sure the voices sound the business. 

And that’s this blog. If it all succeeds and the VeeDub Bus conversations project works? Then approximately £160 and a bottle of single malt is a great investment for some Well Being and positivity. Let’s see where this takes us on the ‘And so the Story goes. To where? No one knows……’ agenda. 

Some photographs of the equipment gathered. Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Fuse to house is a 15 amp double spade. Am currently looking into compatibilities. So need to ensure everything is correct for safe use.

2 thoughts on “Solar Power”

    1. Hi Danny. I’m into art. Not science. Bit of a technophobe. But solar energy is good practice. Some people do find spots in their VeeDub roofs. I’m a member of the VeeDub site and some threads speak of owners using solar power on a permanent basis. For kettles, cooking, charging up heavier duty stuff. So need bigger solar panels. I want to find a metal frame that will be angle adjustable to hold the solar panel. Either for mounting on the top of that shoebox. Or the frame to also be able to stand on it’s own a small distance outside the VeeDub. Got to catch where there is directional sunlight. Especially here in ‘rainy’ Wales. Painting the box with distressed chalk paints my VeeDub dark green and creams and an outdoor Matt varnish for a fancy vintage look. Getting there slowly. Recorded my face talking the other day. Watch it often enough and you get used to the self embarrassment. Looking forward to this new adventure. All the best. And thanks. 👍

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