Filling the Robert Bishop

Filling the ‘Robert Bishop’ Swan Mabie Todd fountain pen. A train of thought as eyes swept table. Weird how your mind chitter chatters to itself.

Do some writing today for a change……not! How did that expression start? That ‘Not!’ “Of course I’ll write something. As sure as eggs is eggs”. Why did I say that out loud? Need to check the pens. The Bishop? Dry! Hope I don’t spill this ink as pen introduced to glass ink pot. Hold the barrel tight! Balance. Bakelite is beautiful isn’t it? Three or four or more lever pulls? Great no accidents. Tighten up that ink pot top. That time ink was in the carrier! 

VeeDub today? Yeh! Why not? Need a hat. Sunshine and loss of crown hair don’t like each other. Old age! Stress more like! How come Dad has a whole head full? Bucket hat will do nicely. Bit of poetry too. Put them here. Too forgetful lately. Could write a bit of the faves found down. Great possible lyric that. ‘Write Your Faves Found Down’. Nice coffee. Paradiso is such a great coffee. Especially in the Stanley. Take the Stanley or use the cups in the VeeDub? Oh! Actually what cups are in the VeeDub? My memory! Awful presently. Got the Spong grinder in the Dub. Beans! Need coffee beans to take. Look at this stuff. Vintage! Always vintage.

Vintage. Is everything here vintage? Nah! That RN fob. That’s new. Mind you. What’s not to like here? On this table. What’s actually really not to love? That RN fob? Wasn’t too bad…..nursing. What would Sherlock Holmes gather from all this stuff. Holding it under his magnifying glass. Analysing and identifying past owners. No problem with Robert Bishop hey! What is here? Write it down. ‘Write Your Faves Found Down’. What! I actually gave it a tune! Old scrappy wallpaper. Always old scrappy wallpaper. Obsessed. See if the Bishop nib behaves this time. Well the Sheaffer ink crawls a bit doesn’t it? Wet behind the ears. Me too. Nah! I’m drenched behind the ears. Great no ink blob. Got the five pens for this months use as per blog promise. Four here? Oh, the Kaweko. My memory hey? “Oy!  Kaweko! Stop hiding. Come and join the party”. Said that out loud too. Talking to myself! Now? Talking to a pen. Now I’m just being silly! I remember Felicity Kendall saying that to Jerry. ‘Now you’re just being silly’………….It’s a Good Life.

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5 thoughts on “Filling the Robert Bishop”

  1. If you determine the origin of “Not”, please advise – also look into ‘my bad’, not a fan of either but I use both phrasescand excuse my ignorance but what is a ‘Robert Bishop’ Swan Mabie Todd? The pen is quit lovely and writes wondefully, but I am ignorant to a ‘Robert Bishop’ model or what.

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    1. Robert Bishop is the guy who owned it because his name is etched into the barrel. One of the photographs shows the name. I have a quirk of naming some of the pens like Squiggle, Silver Slim, The Bishop, etc. The Sherlock Holmes reference is about his abilities to look at items and come up with amazing answers of ownership by deduction. I was deliberating that would be a brilliant skill. This post is about silly I random thoughts in middle of night. Just tongue in cheek and monkey chatter from one thought to the next and on to other thoughts. ‘Not’ is a sardonic expression of negating as I understand. So ‘For a change…..not’ is that I tend to write everyday. One of my Tag Links to this post says ‘nonsense’. When you’re tired I suppose you gabble on a bit. I don’t actually use ‘not’ or ‘my bad’ at all in speech either. Most of my song lyrics are expressions that do not belong to my life at all. Observations really. So I do tend to write in a bit of a ‘grab it out of the air’ way. Cheers Danny. All the best. 👍

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      1. the owner… I am blind in one eye adn cant see out of the other. BTW, when I click your pictures they do not open to more readable enjoy them. To selfeshly promote myself, look thru my past posts for a Fountain Pen mystery theatre – I think you will enjoy it and I am planning a pen ancestrial post on 26 Sept (National Ancestors day here). Thanks for the clarity

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      2. That was a great read. Very good progression too. Reminds me of Volkswagen VeeDubs that are stock with all those little extras that are added over years. My 1972 Crossover was a one off year and even the VW factories grabbed stuff to add that was available as they went from early to late bays. I’ve a liking for Holmes. Read them all avidly in my 20’s. Also all of Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger stories. That was a great idea of yours to include those quotes. Be nice to read through some of your old posts. I will try to get a day of relaxation to read. My photographs? Not sure when enlarged. They are all from my iPad uploads, I check them and they come up clear, but I’m unsure of laptop quality. Also taken on the iPad camera. Eyesight is very personal and can have no idea of how it affects if problematic. I have a very good friend who I have been taking to eye clinic and to see consultants over a year plus. Sight in one eye and the other is compromised too. Both due to glaucoma. She gives me her understanding of coping. As a nurse I am able to give her feedback on the consultants explanations. Cheers Danny. Enjoyed the ‘Mystery’. Now Holmes is going to be sought out again I reckon. The short stories though to begin with.

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