Clothes. Choices. New Ethical Artisan or Second Hand?

Getting ‘clothes’ to wear and become ready for the day ahead is a very strange process for many I should imagine. Especially when you took the tags off after reading when first bought. Or read the ‘gumph’ that is written on labels. Especially? Small Artisan Companies making individually handcrafted celebrating their stories, ethical messages, their contribution in making the planet green again. Messages of pride in intent. A combination of individual ties in trying to proffer the same message. All in an exotic, vibrant, vintage, rustic, etc. culture to enhance and make you feel magnificent and ethical in the wearing. Or exotic, humorous and quirky words and phrases on labels or tags that play with your buying mind. So fashionable nowadays the major magazines are promoting the message. 

Myself? As previous blogs have said. I buy second hand. The ultimate ethical way if you happen upon something with longevity still attached to further tell their stories. The second hand principle with new underwear and socks apart. Shoes or boots are often new too. But with a principle of buying for longevity. I do buy second hand, but have to have a nearly new status attached to them. The choices for today? Quick arrangement on the floor. Apart from the boots which have been washed of the dark grey slate dust mingled in the trodden through water from the underground caverns visited in King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Wales. Dried by the dehumidifier to pose for their lonesome photo shot. Wear ready from the washing line. Definitely not ironed. Never iron clothes at all actually. The wind and sunshine performed that process quite nicely. 

Old desert Timberland beige boots are age battered and fit like gloves. Yet the Buckler Tan Honey Nubuck boots are very alike but newer. Need more patina. Even after slate grey splattering.  Also. Lighter! Choice made. Buckler it is. Wash them then. 

Slide over and on to smooth as soft ‘Bam’ Bamboo socks to help yesterday’s shattered, tired, dragging legs and feet. New and bought in a pack of six. Gosh! They have lasted. Some makes have holes after two wears.  

Whilst the Fat Face heavy and baggy cotton cloth trousers in light honey tobacco colour protect in the both the spiny brambles and the intense heat. Not worth wearing shorts. Trousers are well cut. Allow the air to fly in through thoughtfully wide top to bottoms. Perfection in aeration. Resistance inherent for the wet sand beach and Salt-Sandy air. And a roomy trouser ticket pocket to house small coin wallet. 

Trousers kept up with the robust Abercrombie and Fitch leather belt. Now with the extra hole made because weight has been reduced. 

The linen McCoy Technical Apparel and Complexion shirt has now become nicely crumpled in a ‘Who cares?’ type of attitude. Worn yesterday too. It smells of Booze and Baccy. The eau de cologne. Not alcohol and pipe tobacco! But repeat wear shouts out loud. It is weight light and feels just right. Wear it again. This time not over the Levi grandad shirt. This time over the Original Morley with The Flying Wheel. 

Morley cotton. Long sleeved in colour sage. A short ‘three in number’ buttoned Grandad collar. Open all buttons? All but one bottom button. To expose the lower neck is enough. For a draught of air in the stifling heat to keep cool. 

The Buddha and love bead necklaces to add spiritual leaning, yet with an air of panache. Hippy days reflected upon and well remembered.

Bead bracelets, left wrist worn, to count in crisis to calm. Left wrist allows right hand prominence to give dexterity. Or in calm status to touch gentle soft and smile at their familiarity and consistent presence in life. Today? Never ever daily missed and therefore redundant. Yet sit awaiting contribution to well being focus.  

Mondaine watch, right wrist worn, keeps perfect time. Sometimes seems to hold it back. Time goes by so slowly.  All the more to enjoy. 

To top it all? The Tilley Original in it’s apparent naïve white simplicity. Yet a force to be reckoned with in the hot glare of sunshine. The consistent stare from passers-by. It has it’s own personality. 

Or Tilley Hessian with it’s glorious tenacity to bend and buckle when shoved into THE bag. Yet come back out get shook to former shape and soft pop it on your head with it’s own softness. A softness that tells it’s personality too. The Wallflower. 

Tilley White is obviously right. For the occasion of it becoming a hot day. 

The Musette 1930’s vintage canvas and leather bag with it’s decades on decades consistent inherent strength in holding it’s inherent items safely. Yesterday? Bought water. Still. Mineral based. A glass bottle with a metal top. Both with an attitude of ‘Not Twisting opposite to each other. Nope. Not Opening’. We stick together. Not a problem. Inside the bag? There’s a tool for that! Little silicon rubber dome that grips. Bag Inherent you see. A grandchild’s hands need cleaning to ice cream free. Glasses polished until gleaming. Magnifying glass to read tiny food inclusions and whether vegan or vegetarian. That matters.Cash for small purchases. Card for larger. All bag inherent alongside more still. 

Finally? A dipping into book. Quickly read little inclusions. ‘The Magical Garden’ by Sophia. With Denny Sargent. Spells, Charms, and Folklore for Magical Gardens and the Gardeners who Tend Them. It’s August. The Pear Tree. The emblem of musicians and actors. 

Power of Music.

Power of Art.

Bring Inspiration – 

May it never part – 

Open the Mind.

And Fire the Heart.

The clothes choice is done in a few short minutes. Far faster than writing about their quirks and promises. Their reasons for wearing. All the clothes here are second hand apart from socks and boots.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

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