Happenstance. My Dream Map.

Charity shops and finding the right choice at the right time. This visit it was a book. Finding that singular item happens for the right reasons.

Subsequently a friend asked yesterday about ‘My Dream.’ Initially I thought of what I had in the current melting pot of immediate dream vision. My thoughts based in reference to this charity shop found book, ‘My Dream Map: an Interactive Companion to Put your Dreams to the Test’, by John C. Maxwell. I bought it after a quick glance through. Ideal. It very much suited the answer to focus upon and make sense of the new ‘Podcast Project’ dream. One I have been thinking over for approximately 18 months. Work, retirement, house decorating, DIY and garden jungle tidy up got in the way. Also an admission to having inner fears of actually biting the bullet, jumping straight in and starting. Months upon months of putting the idea on the back burner. Saying it was intentional. Always knew it was intentional. But somehow planning upon planning and considered thought for inclusions and ideas. Even met someone for the first time yesterday who had done his own podcasts as interviewer. I knew of him. One of my wife’s customers and a fellow Early Bay model VeeDub owner too.  He kindly said he would sit and chat and give his experience of setting up his own podcast. Others too have offered assistance in agreeing to be part of the podcast itself.

Sandman on TV Netflix, my friend’s question, my looking at an old photograph I took, this podcaster, Philip Gross poems and then this journal based book. Dream subject Happenstance? All in the same day. Oh! The friend’s ‘My Dream’ question? I answered her. ’My Podcast Project’. But the question was reframed and was asked again. ‘No. You’re dream as a child. Your life’s dream’. Dream! As a teenager maybe. Never a small child. Yes. I had decided in my late teens that ‘If opportunity for change came along and proffered me something interesting and new. I’d grab it and run with it’. It became more structured towards my thirties. At most, I promised myself, to stay in any activity or career for maximum of ten years. Stop. Then move again, onwards, to a new dream. Never revisit.

Life as realising ambition? No. Realising dreams. Life as an ever changing dream of change. Change every ten years and finding something new even if the previous had worked out successfully. A ‘straight line’ of considering and realising a different and subsequent timeline of dreams. Well! You only live once. No repetition after repetition. However. Straight lines can ultimately……..Bend. They leap towards ongoing different challenges, interests and ambitions. Then they…….Swirl. Fracture and search for many answers. Some answers were already there. Sitting inherent and showing themselves by inclusion of past life experiences themselves. From the simplicity of having lived those periods in time I could reflect and apply them to the ‘Podcast Planning’.

Thematic planning to create loose borders. But in reality under a banner of ‘Well being’. Including a ‘Consistency’ presentation of inclusions to create specific recognisable ambience. Type of ambient background music, vintage furniture and other items, the same introductory song, already written, of the lyrics ‘and so the story goes. To where? No one knows……etc’, always outdoor conversation. Alongside visual/aural consistency?  A core subject of ‘Health Matters’ discussion. In itself a broad topic. But controlled in a certain philosophical ideology of Complementary Holistic Therapy. ‘Hobbies and Interests’ discussion. Mine and theirs. Mine? Playing guitar, songwriting, photography, Wholefood vegetarian principles, eco friendly philosophy, importance of mental state and journaling, fountain pens, organic gardening, etc. Others? Well. And so the story goes. To where? No one knows…….’ There for a reason. To create familiarity and therefore a recognised format. 

It is akin to ‘Cloud’ philosophy? Clouds change. In fleeting moments. Look away briefly, then glance back skywards again and a different picture materialises. Shape, speed of progress and type of individual inherent energy and formation. They also hang around for a long time, unchanged in both shape and energy. But all in all? They’re Clouds. Not sky, sea, sand, countryside. Clouds.

Straight line continuity? Believing you have avoided a life of going back over and repeating the same is actually not true. You find you tap into past knowledge and successes. Glean energy from those past experiences. Now, in any given moment, there is always an opportunity to revisit, enhance and build on what you thought was once weakly planned. Something you let go willingly. Investment mattered little. It was both interesting and fun whilst it lasted. Great at the time. But maybe wrong timing. Priceless in reality. 

Stayed in the same circular ‘Nursing’ sphere. No moving forward seemingly. Learnt more spiritually. So now? Different time and now find greater opportunity and choice to introduce well being conversations by creating a different, yet similar and more controlled, sphere. Considered thinking and realisation that what was learnt professionally will be revisited. Interweaving with a new theme in ‘discussion of holistic health, honesty in self analysis and seeking well being’. A new project that is mightily yearned for. Exchanges in conversation to simply assist and benefit. Again. Life is not a simple line. It is your personal lifeline of criss cross realisation to succeed in dreams. Picking up by reflecting on your past. Ultimately, by creating freedom of choice it has created the opportunity  to explore answers.

I suppose our eyes slowly hunt Cloud skywards for dreams. Then back to the sand for familiarity and life’s perspective. These two images jangle at thoughts and experiences of what once was and what still could be. The tracks in the sand? Sudden clarity. The basis of a complicated intra weaving of all that has ‘life’ happened. Knowing, instinctively, that you have often known and understood the historical pulse of pluses and minuses. Of finished and unfinished business. See in the sand’s imprinted crossing lines the slow dawning of recognition that you were always looking over your shoulder at repetitions from the past. Eyes upwards to see the quickness or slowness in the new cloud presentations passing and providing deeper ideas. 

Clouds and Sand tracks are a perfect marriage. 

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

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