New Volkswagen page.

I have added a new page on this site to include The Billie Bud initial ‘Renovation’ stories and ongoing story. It is called ‘Volkswagen Type 2 Bay’.  Easier to read all together than provide intra blog link after link. It is on the top banner next to the ‘Home’ ‘Contact’ ‘Blog’ list. Double access whammy. Cheers.


When starting the blog site it was initially thought to write about the VeeDub ‘renovation process’ blog by blog. Also to include after the renovation blogs what owning one does for lifestyle. Ongoing VeeDub stories. What is a VeeDub you may ask. It is, in my ownership case, a Volkswagen Type 2 Crossover Bay Danbury Bus made in 1972. Usually known as a camper van. Or hippy bus to some. I named it Billie Bud. Spellcheck sometimes names it ‘Billy’ in the blogs. She is Billie. Always.

Anyways. The ideas for blog themes then changed subjects over the years. The site, this ‘graysummerstwo’ site, included much more journal entry type thoughts alongside current hobbies, interests and life’s experiences. The VeeDub? It’s stories? Got lost in amongst it all. To be honest, it is still central to most ideas here and crops up in a lot of blog posts. But! Now even more important when vitally included in the future promise of podcast conversations. ‘Retired Nurse in a VeeDub Bus’. So it’s good to see its own journey of the renovation processes, up to now, all in one spot.

This new page? Renovation now included in the 7 blogs to begin with and add ons in the future if more large changes are made to Billie Bud. Renovation was a long 2 years process, but worth it. It was interesting to witness the links from my other different internet sites out there (Flickr, Facebook, photography site now defunct, Early Bay membership, etc.) had shown me that people were interested to come take a look at the renovation process. Looking back I realised there were about 7 posts regarding the renovation but had no consistency to identify individual posts for search methods. Random and difficult to find.

The individual blog posts have a fair few pictures/photographs of how this VeeDub looked when stripped back to basics, sand blasted and the slow process of rebuilding. So it’s worth a look for the photographs alone. I went back and changed each of the blog post titles to include the Billie Bud Renovation Process as an easy to follow familiar theme in the titles. Early blogs to later blogs listed. Then added an extra page to pinpoint the story.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Cheers……….again.

2 thoughts on “New Volkswagen page.”

    1. Thanks. It seemed logical after I was struggling myself finding posts. The photographs of renovation tell more of the story. The words are the thoughts as it got better and better towards reality of being ok. 👍

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