My World…….Whirls.

The middle of the night and eyes snap wide open. And after only a few hours sleep. Strange days indeed. Well. Nights! Frustration initially borne in the psyche. Reflecting? 03.30. Not again! It will be a non welcome nap mid afternoon now. Always is. Because?…….well it just ‘always is’. Post Covid impaction on well being is quite profound. When will it end? This persistent constant destination arrival of 03.30 in your journey from sleeping to waking.

Downstairs. In gentle light. The mind settles down. But still the thoughts begin. To tumble in.

‘Chitter. Chatter. Needful to rid Mind Folly. So Mindfully Breathe in. Breathe out. Deeply. Serenely. Here and now, middle of night, there must begin the essential enhancement for the day ahead. The day ahead requires a …….Settled Nature. So. Focus. Choose a pen. The Cross? Nope. “Not quite write”. Oh! Some humour. Smile. Taranis? Yes. Waver. Peruse…..nod. Definitely……Yes! Write……Oh! Low on ink so soon? OK, needs more. Change pens? No, persevere and fill with ink juice. Like petrol juice in the VeeDub. Don’t have it? Isn’t future going anywhere. Akin to instant coffee juice. Don’t have it? I’m not future going anywhere………….

Coffee! Instant? Couldn’t start up invasive noise by cracking down the beans to powder in the grinder. My wife is sleeping still. Possibly pleasantly dreaming. Waking up to fresh coffee aroma release would be pleasant. Waking up from the land of pleasant dreams in the early hours…..wouldn’t. So the hush of instant coffee it is‘.

An hour later. Read the pile of spidery word nonsense. Photograph said spidery-ness. Read the photographed words off the metal tin. ‘My Whirls?’ That echoes ‘My Words’ World…Whirls’. Smile. Shake the head which is still full of nonsense. Lack of sleep piles nonsense into your World. So much so that your mind and World…….Whirls. A dream poem, Ecury is obviously group therapy contributions which are seen developing over centuries and a Here, There, Everywhere skwiggle.

Thoughts of ‘silly questions followed by simple self answering’? Chitter Chatter nature. Strange days indeed.

Please tap on each image to enlarge.

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