Long Covid Symptoms. Sleeplessness.

Ongoing symptoms of fatigue and sleeplessness after the Covid (BeerBug) Virus was caught, at start of July, is a strange experience. It just keeps overwhelming the system at any given time. Just weird really. Also, 03.00 in the early hours phenomena. Regular wake up call. This is something that needs a bit of further research. Because it may well be psychological now. A need to break cyclic repetition with some further interventions of preparatory nature for realising a decent night’s sleep. A routine of some considered inclusions.

I was part of a cardiac health and symptoms awareness teaching group when a nurse. Sleeplessness was a huge inclusion for consideration. Presented were combating solutions. I need to look again at my old ‘advice givens’. Then? A personal timetable plan is probably on the cards. Something to focus on. I will follow this one up with future blogs. It is a conundrum of reasons and rational thinking to seek answers. It may lie in the virus aftermath of direct impact on the body’s inherent biological systems. Or may be simply the impact of producing an illness that ‘knocks you sideways’ psychologically. Interesting stuff.

Currently in the middle of night though? Writing in gentle light helps. No, it doesn’t solve the sleeplessness. However it helps calm the situation. Let’s see where this one goes.

Great read from a fellow WordPress blogger Dr. Damon Ashworth. Posted yesterday. And!…..on my birthday too. Perfect birthday gift. I’d say that gives a huge nudge to begin making a plan.

After thought. Yesterday in the VeeDub Bus in the Rheidol Valley, Wales. Next to the reservoir. Glorious.

The Rheidol Valley, Wales.

Nice 66th Birthday spent in the VeeDub yesterday. Makes a huge ‘get on with simply living’ difference. Sat with a bite to eat and hot drinks. Bit of drizzle rain was very refreshing to sit underneath and feel the gentle wetness on your face. Activity planned of family meeting up and chilling out achieved. And even though day to day is still an up and down scenario productively, it’s nice to get outside and taste nature.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Blurred images. Photographing results after an hour of writing shows it does make you somewhat sleepy !

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