Sitting on the Drive. Going Nowhere is Definitely Somewhere.

Sitting in Billie Bud the VeeDub Bus and staying put on the front drive of the house has been a nice retrospective and soulful journey for today. 

Reading the various VeeDub Bus (Volkswagen Type 2 Bay) workshop manuals. Taking in a bit of ‘Being Alive’ poetry. Playing guitar with some new song ideas and recording them for messing about with later. Writing silly nonsense words and painting naively. 

There will always be a hundred ‘different’ choices in the future with many miles to cross. Many journeys await. Sometimes you’re here. Sometimes you’re there. Sometimes you try to be everywhere. Sometimes you find somewhere is actually staying put and going nowhere. So you choose to stop in the VeeDub, sit and relax outside your own front door. Look at the view over the fields towards the bay….

As the little mag[net]ic words message on the dashboard says……..

It is always Good to Relax, Listen and Breathe…….and to Shine in this Sacred, Beautiful Green Sanctuary.

“It is better to travel well than to arrive”. Buddha.

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7 thoughts on “Sitting on the Drive. Going Nowhere is Definitely Somewhere.”

      1. 😊 Grey or Gray doesn’t matter at all. I can see what you mean by stepping onto that road. I thought of Bilbo Baggins when I read your message. Did go out today for a VeeDub jaunt. Bought charity shop ordnance survey maps of the local and further areas. So will be walking on that ‘road’ soon enough. Also. Just come back from a bit of VeeDub mechanic’s attention electrically. 50 year old ignition barrels and wire connections!! I need a new ignition barrel and connections need TLC too. An electro magnetic cut off on the carburettor wasn’t working either. So a bit of attention and a new one needed also. But running in idling mode much better now. Cheers Danny.

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      2. I feel bad, nuances between American English and the King’s English. I was replacing the Hobbit with yourself. Electrical issues only complicate as time goes. One of those issue that is independent of vehicle mileage. Cheers

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  1. Different meanings and spellings too. Charity shops/thrift stores. I write it down that way for those two choices in my blogs. But how many other variations Worldwide? Like your up to date ‘King’s’ English. We are still getting used to the whole matter in reality. Thank you and all the best.


  2. you see, now i have veedub envy…if i had one though, i couldn’t just stay, so many places to go, hope you get all you need to make it work, and go to all the places you want to go to, have a grand day my friend

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    1. Thank you. I bought it back in 2009 and have used the VeeDub for many trips and also day to day transport to work. About three years ago I had to take it off the road. It took two years to renovate as it was rotten underneath and I found someone who renovates them. Now I am having a few problems electrically with ignition and fuel hiccups. When you own one of these you have to keep on top of the niggles. But they are amazing to own. All the best too.

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