Lyric revisits and rewrites.

Black and White photograph of a shadow on the Aberystwyth Art’s Centre wall. Came out completely different to how I imagined!

I’m picking up the guitar more and more. Currently writing, rewriting and changing lyrics to some new and older songs. Playing them all on the acoustic and sometimes in different musical keys to how I sung them in the past. Ignoring the draw of using the electric amplifier at present. It gets complicated. So keeping it stripped down to basics. There’s about 18 songs and a few oddities in the number of changing old and introducing new songs whirling around the brain at present. Feels nice to sit and ramble play actually.

Looking at buying a new Shure microphone for the new 5th generation iPad. It has a different input port and my old Shure microphone doesn’t fit! The iPad also has an App called ‘Garage Band’ which allows instrumental overlays to recordings. Also an iMovie App which can edit videos. So more opportunities lie ahead. Exciting.

Also want to start a new lyric journal. Love of fountain pens, inks and paper to create a collective of all the songs I’ve written over the 50 years. Feeling the need to align and focus everything at present.

Here below are a few example lyric extracts from some songs.

Velvet Suits. (New changed lyrics)

Four grey walls are not security
That’s no life it’s obscurity

Paper cup money won’t pay no rent
It ain’t easily got but it’s easily spent

I’m a faded velvet suit with no fixed abode
Boy it’s getting rough I feel all alone
I’m not ‘made up’,

F**k! Life just drags

When you’re living off booze and fags.

Does it get easier
As time rolls by?
I’d like to tell you
Everything’s all right.
But that would be a lie.

Tempest. (New changed lyrics)

Where teardrops are falling
As Ghosts keep calling
Back to my past
Where I’m bleeding all over again
With my friends

I’m glad that you and I exist
When your wings tips brush kiss
My cheeks
I’m left feeling
Golden and at peace
No longer haunted
Or aching with those memories

Old Man. (New changed lyrics)

Old man
Your life’s been wasted
Too bad it crumbled ‘round you
Old man
Why can’t you show me the light.

16 hours. (New changed lyrics)

The heat intensified ‘til…. Oh!
We were melting slowly
A ghostly presence laughs out loud
No one seems to notice
It walks into our favourite room
The paint is cracked and peeling
Figures bare and lost are torn
Crying out ‘til morning.

Visions of spectres whispering names
Of those who’ve broken rules
A clock ticks slowly on the wall
Alive for 16 hours
The Man who’s face is looking down
Spills a tear into this world
Smiling sadly sweet forlorn
We faded out of time.

Pink hearts. (New changed lyrics)

I will send pink hearts
To the dark holes
That swallow dreams and fantasies
Of people
Then spit them out
Into the oncoming winds
Who whisper words of wisdom
Logical things

I will send postcards
To the people back home
To show the grass ain’t always greener
On the other side
Of this World.
It’s just the same here as there
No wild imaginings
But love’s in the air
So someone must care.

Dunes. (New changed lyrics)

I remember stars above the dunes
That September rain when we got soaked through
All those summer days
And those lazy, hazy, crazy afternoons.

We saw moonbeams as the Midnight Sun
Threw terracotta ash keys and chased each one
Living in a dream world
To watch life unfurl
In the palm of our hands.

‘O’ (New changed lyrics)

We smash the clock faces
And try to turn them all back
Wipe out all traces
But tick tock
The clocks keep ticking

Year one (New changed lyrics)

Year one
When will I see you again
Year one
No room
At all
For this bitter end.

So the story goes (New changed lyrics)

And so the story goes
To where? No one knows.
Borne from? Well!
Out of promises .
Or worn out wishes.

On my childhood list
There no longer exists

The need for stars or kisses

Just belief

In loaves and fishes.

Something real (New changed lyrics)

Give me something real
That I can easily call my own.
Whisper those three perfect words
Over the telephone.

One truth beats a million lies
Every time………….

2 thoughts on “Lyric revisits and rewrites.”

  1. As much as I enjoy music, I do not have a musical bone in my body, that includes for lyrics. I can’t imagine so I have to ask. Do you write lyrics in support of music or lyrics then write music to go with the lyrics.

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    1. Hi Danny. Both really. Sometimes play on the guitar and come out with a tune which has nonsense words attached. Then phrases begin. The song develops quickly. Then other times I write down observations and a few lines and expand when I try a tune alongside. Sometimes it can be weeks to fit a decent tune. So. The former is the most successful. A nice tune can hold any lyrics thrown at it really. The words ‘And so the story goes. To where no one knows…..etc’ had a tune attached afterwards. Months later. It’s going to be the introduction song theme for the podcasts. Lasts about a minute in length. Cheers for the enquiry. All the best.

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